When Are WHITE People Going To Fight Back?


A bloody European Legacy of a THOUSAND Years of War, Poverty, Pestilence and Disease was overcome in recent decades. But today’s modern “progressives” have lost their tribal instincts and are but a shadow of their dead ancestors.  Their hard-won “family estate” along with the “family jewels” are now simply handed over NON-white foreigners without a whimper of protest. No other tribal group in the world would foolishly follow this pathway to racial destruction.

Stefan Molyneux from September, 2015

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[Proportion of NON-white population in CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada]

Graph Update for 2017NON-whites (excluding Native Indians) NOW exceed 21% of Canada’s population. Our Euro-White population has rapidly DECLINED from 95% White majority just three decades ago … to only 75% TODAY!

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White Australia: Rise and Fall

Australia: 24,600,000 (Multi-culti Population – 2017)

China: 1,388,000,000 (Billion) (NO Multi-racialism)

INDIA: 1,340,000,000 (Billion) (NO Multi-racialism)

All Countries>> HERE

WORLD POPULATION:  7,500,000,000 People

Whites 8%  —  NON-whites 92%

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