We Don’t Feed Bears For Good Reasons

To help effect change in Canada‘s ongoing border crisis, it’s important that Canadians exercise their right in using stronger language to off-set embedded and euphemistic terms as  “refugees”, “newcomers”, or so-called “new Canadians” (LOL).
THEY are INVADING, ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS who stealthily avoid our legal crossing stations at the U.S. border.
These unknown strangers are uninvited FOREIGN migrants who originate from 3rd-world countries that 99.9 % of Canadians have never visited, nor have any interest in doing so. We owe these unknown, foreign strangers NOTHING at all.  Wake-up Canada!

Another Refugee Sob Story

Kathy Tomlinson, CTV News


Country of birth of "immigrants and non-p...

He’s a Christian from Egypt, who came to Canada in 2002 seeking asylum. He made a refugee claim, alleging he was persecuted in his home country, for promoting Christianity in his bookstore.

The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) didn’t believe he was telling the truth. Neither did the federal court.

In September, after he exhausted all appeals, Canada deported him back to Egypt — a country where Christians make up 10 per cent of the predominantly Muslim population.

CTV News has now obtained photographs and videotape, allegedly of the same man, which show fresh injuries on his back. They appear to be burns and welts, which he claims were inflicted by Egyptian authorities. He alleges that, since he was sent back, two security officers from Egypt’s State Security Investigations (SSI) have detained, interrogated and threatened him several times. He also claims he was shocked with electricity, doused with water and beaten.

[If this unsubstantiated story were true… why doesn’t this Egyptian citizen move to another city in his own country. If that doesn’t work out for him, surely there are other countries in his nearby region where he can travel. Why does this Egyptian national insist on returning to our country where he takes great pains (pun intended) to attract international attention to return to Canadian soil as a FAILED refugee?]


Audio Tape: “I feel very afraid. Very afraid. Save me please. They tortured me. They tortured me a lot all over my back,” the man on the tape said. “They told me, we decorated your back like your Jesus. All my body was shaking. I could not control myself.”

“They were laughing. They were laughing. Let your Jesus come to save you.” The man broke down in tears. “Please, I beg you, I beg you save me, save me. Save my life.”

[This unverified tape sounds all rather melodramatic. Will our gullible Canadian immigration authorities fall for this game?

It’s as if we didn’t have enough problems of our own when we are importing about 5000 legal immigrants EVERY WEEK of every year. We are now forced to place the spotlight on this one lone foreigner living thousands of miles away in his OWN country. He is simply NOT our problem. This is ludicrous!]

The man’s supporters want to get him out of Egypt as soon as possible, with or without Ottawa’s help. Desloges hopes he can get back to Canada and make another refugee claim, this time with evidence.

[Try Bollywood…it’s not only closer to Egypt, but you would make a great actor.]

Read the entire sob story here, if you must.



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