Canada’s Naive Prime Minister

From Immigration Watch Canada

“Post National” Trudeau is now being criticized for breaking the MP Code of Ethics. The criticism is based on the fact that he accepted a vacation stay and a helicopter trip from the Aga Khan who is the spiritual leader and lobbyist for the world’s Ismaili Muslim

. Justin Trudeau

The key point is that the things for which Trudeau is being criticized are trivial when placed beside the much more serious sins he has committed . Here is a list of those sins :

(1) He approved a treasonous 300,000 immigrant intake in 2016, In addition, he has approved a 300,000 immigrant-intake for for 2017. We use the word  “treasonous”  because Canada has over one million unemployed [people].

A Prime Minister’s key role is is to protect the job prospects of Canadians, yet Trudeau foolishly plays the role of Philosopher-King and says things like ‘Canada is a post-national state’.

In doing this, he has implied that the needs of Canadians are far less important than the needs of immigrants. If he wants to imitate his father who did play the Philosopher King role, he should dramatically cut immigration as his father did in the early 1980’s. His father, by the way, was the last Canadian Prime Minister to cut immigration in order to protect jobless Canadians.

Trudeau is surrounded by the like-minded. Not a single member of Canada’s House of Commons has challenged the federal government’s post-1991 immigration intake. All are guilty of gross negligence. In fact, Canada’s House of Commons could be more appropriately called Canada’s House of Cowards and Quislings because its actions have been cowardly and treasonous to its citizens.

As a result, Canada’s large number of unemployed have been been languishing on the employment sidelines for years. Bringing in 600,000 immigrants in two years is going to cause unnecessary further competition for a limited number of jobs and more languishing and unnecessary hardship for Canada’s unemployed.  “Post National” boasts that he wants to enlarge Canada’s middle class. However, his actions regarding Canada’s unnecessary immigration intake will further destroy the country’s middle class.

(2) A significant number of Canada’s current population are Muslim immigrants who support the Muslim Brotherhood which has declared in a widely-publicized Memorandum that its purpose in settling in North America is to infiltrate our society, and destroy it from within.



Let’s quote from that Memorandum :

“The process of (Muslim Brotherhood) settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process,’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in North America is kind of a grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house…The Aga Khan is a prominent supporter of the sinister Muslim Brotherhood.

Trudeau should not be even associating with the Aga Khan, let alone staying under his roof.  >>more “sins” HERE.

Muslim Murder Mayhem in Paris

By Vanishing American II


So Moslems are allowed, …no, encouraged, …no, welcomed to come and live amongst us … and if we have an objection to that, we are not allowed to freely express those objections.

In some Western countries it is now a crime to criticize immigration and though it is not yet criminal here (U.S.), it can’t be spoken in ‘respectable‘ circles without being drowned with cries of ‘racism’, ‘hate’, and ‘xenophobia.’

So, we are unwillingly being made targets of those Moslems who act as surrogates for the others in attacking critics of the Moslem founder Mohammed, as with the leftist journalists and cartoonists who were the targets of the attacks in Paris. And this is with the tacit approval of our ”leaders”, who invariably mouth appeasing statements toward the ”islamic community” and pleas for ‘tolerance’ on the part of the native population. Then comes the inevitable wave of articles sympathetically reporting that there is a ‘fear of a backlash against innocent Muslims’, fear of ‘hate crimes’ from the general population. Never mind that there has never been a significant backlash on the part of the majority after any of the numerous ‘isolated incidents’ of Moslems killing non-Moslems.


But in all Western countries, the politically correct indoctrination is so deeply, and firmly entrenched, even among the more traditional segments of society, that there are more people who, (perhaps led by the PC media) rush to show their sympathy for their ‘moderate Moslem‘ neighbors, or co-workers, or that nice man who owns the convenience store. Lefties are out in full force decrying ‘hate’ and asking why can’t we all just love each other and be a ‘welcoming and inclusive society‘.

Will this event, then, break the conditioning and pave the way for the natural and healthy response to such attacks — the instinct to show solidarity with one’s own, one’s home and family, one’s neighbors? Self-defense and the instinct to survive as a people — those are natural and healthy responses. People without them don’t last. Now we’ve had it beaten into our heads by media, by ‘government leaders‘, and by the schools, that it’s bad to care for our own: our kin and kind, our heritage, our way of life. Our territory; ‘land where my fathers died,’ … as we used to sing in our schoolrooms.

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