Bad Cops Are Bad News

There has always been a bad element of people representing approximately 5% who act outside the law, thus the need of setting in motion the entire judicial machinery to bring the criminal element to justice beginning with the police, then to the courts and finally the prison system.

The same could be said for bad cops.

It has often been said that cops are watching us, but who is watching the cops? Like most ordinary folks, the vast majority of cops are just decent people making a living, but there’s also bad cops wearing police uniforms who also deserve to be brought before the judiciary for acts of criminal malfeasance. For interested readers, here’s a website that gathers rogue cop news from across the U.S.A.

Police Caught Looting Walmart Store


Affirmative-Action Police

Police-State Enforcers

Arrested For Waving Flag


The Fourth Reich In Action

Police Professionals In Retreat

Ethical Change In Law Enforcement


British Bobbies Walking A Tightrope

‘Big Brother’ Fingerprinting Motorists

Thin Blue Line Compromised At The Top


However, if you’re a legitimate threat, expect some stern street justice too!
This unique TORONTO POLICE take-down method was better than being shot dead.