Canada Crashing – No Survivors

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Toronto’s “Diversity” Strikes Again

Left to right:

Jahdine DESIR, 19 yrs. old,  Toronto residence

Dane CATO-SIMPSO, 22 yrs. old,  Toronto residence

Tahje TUCKER, 18 yrs. old,  Toronto residence

 Sukhminder LOTA, 45 yrs., Brampton, ON

TWO young Ontario girls, 15 yrs. and 16 yrs. were allegedly forced to work in the sex trade (prostitution) by the accused men seen above. Toronto Police have laid multiple human-trafficking charges against these “outstanding” examples of  imported 3rd-world diversity.  One naive and gullible Canadian girl was:

  • contacted via social media (facebook?) by one of these men
  • the man coerced the girl to work in the sex trade 


  • the man traveled with her to a city outside Toronto where another girl was recruited 
  • both girls were transported back to Toronto 
  • one of the girls was then sexually assaulted  (raped)
  • over a four-day period, the girls were forced into the sex trade, then forced to hand over all cash to the human-trafficker.    H/T to Ontario Police Reports

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