Imported Africans BANNED From Store – Melbourne

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When Are WHITE People Going To Fight Back?


A bloody European Legacy lasting for a THOUSAND Years of Poverty, Pestilence, Disease and War was just overcome only as recently as 1945. Now, today’s modern “progressives” have lost their tribal instincts and are but a shadow of their dead ancestors.  Their hard-won “family estate” along with the “family jewels” are now simply handed over to incompatible, incongruent NON-white foreigners without a whimper of protest. No other tribal group in the world would foolishly follow this pathway to their own racial destruction.

Stefan Molyneux from September, 2015

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Australia Panders To Foreign Invaders


On 7th of June, 2010 the invasion of Leonora(Western Australia) began with the arrival of two planes containing 86 so-called asylum seekers who were the first to land on Australian soil before being cleared since offshore processing began under the Howard government.

[See: One American Town’s Experience With Somalia Refugees]

This is the first of at least two hundred (300? 500?) illegals who will be heading to the town over the coming weeks. It proves that no matter where you live, the results of the open border policies of the Fabian Marxist Chairman Rudd (Former Australian Prime Minister) will find you. There is no longer any place where you can hide from the multiracial hell-hole that is engulfing Australia.

[See:Destroying OUR Nation /// British Indentity Crisis Deepens]

Do you think that the locals will feel “enriched” as they see millions of…

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