Partner of cop who fatally shot bride-to-be ‘was STUNNED when his colleague opened fire from inside their squad car’ as autopsy reveals she was killed by one bullet to the stomach after she called 911 

Remember The 14 Words

The partner of a Minneapolis cop who shot dead bride-to-be Justine Damond was ‘stunned’ when the officer opened fire through a squad car door, sources say.
Officer Matthew Harrity, who was in the driving seat, was speaking to Damond after she called 911 to report a sexual assault occurring near her home, when his partner reached across him and fatally shot her in the abdomen.


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70,000 Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa; Obama’s African Legacy

Stop White Genocide.

By Paul Fromm — American Free Press July 2015

Farm murders South Africa

Since Nelson Mandela and the communist African National Congress (ANC) took over South Africa, more than 70,000 whites have been murdered and untold numbers have been robbed, raped and tortured.

But you will not hear about this in the Western media, which fawns over the black terrorists who now run the once-prosperous country.

Claudia Bryan is a South African activist living in London. Her grandmother owned a bakery in South Africa. One day six blacks entered the bakery and gang-raped her. They then tried to shoot her. The gun jammed. In anger they gang raped her again and the 70-something woman died. Robbery was not the motive.

One of the South African Family Relief Project volunteers, who drove this writer around Durban during a recent fact-finding visit to South Africa, related the experience of a co-worker. This man and his adult…

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How ‘Reporters’ Make (UP) The News


news manipulationFake news is rampant today.  If you spend any time on the internet, I hope you are enjoying the anti-CNN memes and spoofs that abound right now.  Some are just downright hilarious.

But the Communist Nut Network aside, there appears to be absolutely NO integrity in today’s media.  Here is a great example of a reporter caught lying about promoting his vendetta against law enforcement.  What an ass!

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Justin Trudeau Donates $241.5 Million to CLINTON FOUNDATION


There may be some confusion on the money flows in this story. This Canadian government announcement puts the amount for some sort of feminist nonsense at $241.5 million, but it does not say that the whole amount is going to the Clinton scam.

Allegedly, the purpose of the plan is to reduce births in third world countries, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the money will be stolen and/or wasted by corrupt third world government officials.

The Toronto Sun is opposed to giving any Canadian taxpayer money to to the corrupt Clintons.

Toronto Sun

Justin Trudeau has been a vocal advocate on women’s issues.

Our Prime Minister has been praised, both here and abroad, for his efforts to advance equality among men and women.

He’s been particularly effective advocating for the United Nations and other governments to do more to help women living in violent or oppressive conditions, particularly…

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US News study: US seventh most popular country according to migrants

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I guess US News and World Report is expecting to make us feel bad that in the eyes of migrants, the US ranks only seventh on their wish lists of places to get to as they leave their failed countries.

Hereis what they say about their study:

More than 21,000 people from all regions of the world participated in the Best Countries survey, in which they assessed how closely they associated 80 countries with specific characteristics. Four of these – “economically stable,” “good job market,” “income equality” and “is a place I would live” – were included in the Best Countries to Be an Immigrantranking.

Countries also were scored in relation to others on the share of migrants in their population; the amount of remittances the migrants they host sent home; and graded on a United Nations assessment of integration measures provided for immigrants, such as language training…

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