Imported Africans BANNED From Store – Melbourne

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Demographics Matter: Make America White Again

Locust blog

Joe Jones

Daily Stormer
January 30, 2018

The racial demographics of a nation will determine with absolute certainty the future of that nation.

As a result, whenever you want to make any nation great again the only way to do that is with a majority White demographic. All other races are either too stupid, violent, lazy, or some combination of the three to actually accomplish anything great.

The only exceptions are very few Asian groups, but even then they likely would not have the same impact Whites have had on history.

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Brittany Pettibone – New Website


By BrittanyPettibone

Up until the end of 2016, I had no active role in politics. I was a science-fiction author who co-wrote a book called “Hatred Day” with my twin sister. While I had always had an obsessive interest in politics, I didn’t feel the need to speak out publicly until I started following the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Now, a year later, I am a full-time political activist and commentator. I’ve interviewed people from all across the right, including politicians and popular political activists and commentators, and I’ve traveled to several locations in America and Europe for the purpose of independent journalism.

Thank you so much to all those who have supported or simply taken an interest in my work. I hope you will remain interested in following me as I, and many others, continue the fight to preserve the Western World.




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GOP governor leads fight against ending refugee influx from Somalia and other jihadist strongholds

daadab-refugee-camp-kenya Most Somali refugees start out here, at the United Nations’ Daadab refugee camp on the Kenya-Somalia border. They end up being secretly planted in some 200 U.S. cities and towns, without the say of taxpaying residents and sometimes even against the wishes of elected mayors.


Many of you have noticed I’ve been quiet this week, posting only one article about the efforts of Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins to win amnesty for an illegal-alien Muslim professor with ties to a terror-stained mosque.

Rest assured I haven’t been slacking. I was traveling on special assignment, so let me fill you in.

Refugee resettlement has over the past couple of years become a controversial subject in many state capitals as more Americans educate themselves on the dark underbelly of a program that has been transforming U.S. cities and towns for 35 years.

South Dakota — like Idaho, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee…

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Snubbed by Indian PM as He Lands in New Delhi


The nerve of those dotheads snubbing a strong, powerful, manly leader like Justin Trudeau.

India better watch out or Canada will nuke it into oblivion for insulting such a great man.

Excerpt from The Telegraph

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, received a lukewarm welcome at the start of his official India visit, with some claiming he had been “snubbed” by New Delhi over his support of Sikh separatists.

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Toronto’s “Diversity” Strikes Again

Left to right:

Jahdine DESIR, 19 yrs. old,  Toronto residence

Dane CATO-SIMPSO, 22 yrs. old,  Toronto residence

Tahje TUCKER, 18 yrs. old,  Toronto residence

 Sukhminder LOTA, 45 yrs., Brampton, ON

TWO young Ontario girls, 15 yrs. and 16 yrs. were allegedly forced to work in the sex trade (prostitution) by the accused men seen above. Toronto Police have laid multiple human-trafficking charges against these “outstanding” examples of  imported 3rd-world diversity.  One naive and gullible Canadian girl was:

  • contacted via social media (facebook?) by one of these men
  • the man coerced the girl to work in the sex trade 


  • the man traveled with her to a city outside Toronto where another girl was recruited 
  • both girls were transported back to Toronto 
  • one of the girls was then sexually assaulted  (raped)
  • over a four-day period, the girls were forced into the sex trade, then forced to hand over all cash to the human-trafficker.    H/T to Ontario Police Reports

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TV Commercials Sell Racial Diversity


The Canada They Want Us to See — And the Canada They Want Us to Forget

by Tim Murray

Miscegenation in Canada
“We are the Ideal Family in Canada”  (??)

According to University of Toronto sociologist Shyon Baumann, there are too many White faces in Canadian ads, and he does not like it:

The media does have the power to shape our ideas about who people are. The media can reinforce cultural values that are already out there, so when we see commercials that feature characters that we are not used to seeing — a black family eating at a restaurant rather than a white family — little by little if we are exposed to those ideas over time, it broadens the idea of what is normal.

It was like sighting a Sasquatch or a flying saucer (UFO). I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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