White Women Encouraged To Birthe More White Babies

Canada’s Immigrants, NO Help To Us!

Score Card: Immigrants 1, Canadians 0

Canadian City Abhors “White Privilege”


Too White For Weimerica

British Parliamentarian, Enoch Powell 1912-1998

By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D


I remember at least two occasions on which my blonde, blue eyed wife was thoroughly questioned/harassed on entry into Europe by African and Pakistani immigration officials. A young woman whose family origins stretched deeply into the British Isles, Germany, and Sweden, thus found her ability to enter her ancestral homelands placed in the swarthy hands of Third-World newcomers.

Photo h/t Irish Savant

[Read: Entering 3rd-World Britain at London’s Heathrow]

Today, “Border Protection” seems to mean nothing more than limiting the ability of law-abiding, documented Whites to travel freely, safely and comfortably, while turning a blind eye to floods of illegals, rapists, vandals, and welfare claimants.

[…]  The full story here: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2017/10/11/banned-in-americaa-sequel/#more-154813


Enoch Powell Was Right!

Foreign Race Now Dictating The Narrative

Illegal Aliens Kill Thousands Yearly (U.S.)

Canadian Border Madness

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