DETROIT – Death of A White City

 Detroit, MI (U.S.A.)   Majority White Population 91%  Circa 1940

 Detroit, Michigan (2018) – Majority 83% Black

DETROIT, Michigan provides a key to understanding the collapse of that city.

In 1930 –> 92.3% of Detroit’s population was White.

In 1940 –> 90.8% White.

In 1950 –> 83.63White.

In 1960 –>70.8White.

In 1970 –> 56.0% White.

In 1980 –> 35.7White.

In 1990 –> 22.2White.

In 2000 –>12.3White.

In 2010, the White population plummeted further to about 10%, although this figure now INCLUDESHispanics” and Middle Easterners (Arabs). 

In 2018, let’s guesstimate a true White population of merely 5% out of Detroit’s current 673,000 people in comparison to 1.8 Million in the 1950s,

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