TV Commercials Sell Racial Diversity


The Canada They Want Us to See — And the Canada They Want Us to Forget

by Tim Murray

Miscegenation in Canada
“We are the Ideal Family in Canada”  (??)

According to University of Toronto sociologist Shyon Baumann, there are too many White faces in Canadian ads, and he does not like it:

The media does have the power to shape our ideas about who people are. The media can reinforce cultural values that are already out there, so when we see commercials that feature characters that we are not used to seeing — a black family eating at a restaurant rather than a white family — little by little if we are exposed to those ideas over time, it broadens the idea of what is normal.

It was like sighting a Sasquatch or a flying saucer (UFO). I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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South African Killing Fields


 steenkamp Mrs Christelle 43 murdered with husband daughter Naauwhoek farm Griekwastad April72012  Steenkamp Marthella 14 vermoord op Griekwastad boerderij met ouders April6 2012  Yet, ANOTHER family of 3 more farm murders to add to the list of 3,174 killings since 1994, and from which the world’s MSM (mainstream media) never seem to take an interest in reporting. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view another White South African farm family who were also slaughtered on their family farm. The killings of innocent White citizens by murdering Black racists is a regular pattern in this black-ruled country. And still, the world remains conspicuously silent! 

A Northern Cape farmer, and his wife and daughter were brutally murdered on their farm near Griekwastad on Good Friday.

Police are investigating the TRIPLE murder after the bodies of Deon Steenkamp 44 yrs. old, his wife Christelle43 yrs. old, and their teenage daughter Marthella 14 yrs. old were all found at Naauwhoek Farm at around 18:00 on Easter Friday. The murder victims had…

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When Are WHITE People Going To Fight Back?

TORONTO News & Views


A bloody European Legacy lasting for a THOUSANDYears of Poverty, Pestilence, Disease and War was just overcome only as recently as 1945. Now, today’s modern “progressives” have lost their tribalinstincts and are but a shadow of their dead ancestors.  Their hard-won “familyestate” along with the “familyjewels” are now simply handed over to incompatible, incongruent NON-white foreigners without a whimper of protest. No other tribal groupin the world would foolishly follow this pathway to their own racial destruction.

Stefan Molyneux from September, 2015

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Down to 8 Percent – But Worth Saving

The Minority Race On Earth



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S. A. Whites Fight For Survival


(Note: This is a partial re-post of White Genocide of South Africa (linked below).

The battle-lines are being drawn in South Africa.

With 1 million Afrikaners now totally destitute and homeless, only because of the ANC regime’s deliberate barring this small minority access to any part of the job-sector and disowning their food-producing farms by a plethora of ANTI-white laws, the Afrikaners, the ‘White tribe of Africa’, are now battening down the hatches and preparing themselves for what they see as the final onslaught against their very survival rights on the African continent. They now have to fight back – there’s no longer any other choice: their backs are against the sea — and most Afrikaners, born and bred in southern Africa for many generations, have no other place to flee to, they say.

Job Discrimination and Denied Welfare Benefits Lead to Homeless Squatter Camps

Also see our picture gallery…

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What If “They” Left?


By Frosty Wooldridge

Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled, “Mexican visitor’s lament” (10/25/07). She interviewed Mexican journalist Evangelina Hernandez while visiting Denver last week. Hernandez said,

“They (illegal aliens) pay rent, buy groceries, buy clothes…what happens to your country’s economy if 20 million people go away?” 


That’s a good question – it deserves an answer.

Over 80 percent of Americans demand secured borders and illegal migration stopped. But what would happen if all 20 million (illegal aliens) or more vacated America? The answers may surprise you!

  • In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, it would leave an extra $10,200,000,000  (Billion!) to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupted hospitals and overrun prisons. It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested. Everyone could understand one another as English became the dominate language again.
  • In Colorado

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It’s A Mad, Mad World


Social Justice Warriors

by Tim Murray

Addicted to Self-Hatred


The foundation of the SJW (social justice warrior) mentality is the belief that we have no right to exist.

EnglishFrenchEuropeanCanada does not have a right to exist. EuroAmerica does not have a right to exist. Germany does not have a right to exist. Swedendoes not have a right to exist. And, if a White person believes that (other) White people don’t have a right to exist, then he must hate himself. So what do people who hate themselves typically do?

Some resort to self-mutilation. Some torture animals. Some commit rape. And some join Antifa. They project their hatred to work-out their self-hatred. In so doing they often make the lives of people around them miserable. Family members, relatives, co-workers, spouses … no one is safe from their discontent.

They want…

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