Foreign INVASIONS With a Difference


By Val Koinen


No … this is NOT about geology.

I was thinking of scribbling a screed about the European “refugee” invasion crisis today. You know — the onslaught of Middle Eastern/Muslim/Arab/Semitic/African/brown and black hordes that have been overwhelming the European continent for the past many months, and which has horrifically intensified this summer.

And the insanity of the WhiteEuropean nations allowing (actually, facilitating) this kind of racial and cultural suicide to happen. (I was going to write ‘the unfathomable insanity…’ in the preceding sentence, but that wouldn’t have been accurate — this rapidly developing tragedy for our people and our White homelands sure as hell is ‘fathomable’ when you are aware of the role the Jews have played and are playing in these events.)

But when scrolling down through my list of reference websites and blogs first thing this morning — focusing…

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Poland standing firm: Will not take refugee “quota” they were previously assigned

Refugee Resettlement Watch

European nations on the edges of Europe have taken the full brunt of the migrant flood to Europe.

The fault lies in the fact that the EU leadership never had the guts to turn the boats back to Turkey or the North African coast when the invasion began in earnest several years ago.  Additionally the invasion of Europe from N. Africa accelerated when several European countries, with the Obama Administration’s help (Hillary!), destabilized Libya.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło. If Donald Trump really wanted to change the subject, go on the offense, and at the same time encourage his base, he should invite Beata to the White House! Don’t you find it interesting that fearless women opposition leaders in Germany, France and Poland are so vocal about defending against the invasion of Europe?

So the people of Poland elected a government that has steadfastly said, this is not…

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Canada Is TOO Accommodating



By Dave Hodson

There is an ongoing debate in Canada surrounding the issue of integration vs. accommodation when it comes to new immigrants.

When [foreign] people immigrate to a new country, there is usually an expectation that they alter their ways somewhat to integrate into the new society and culture.

In Canadian society, however, we seem to be far more accommodating than other countries when it comes to immigration, and in my opinion, we (Canadians) accommodate too much, and immigrants integrate too little.

Today, we see just one more example of how our Canadian society has become far too accommodating.

[See: “Useful Idiots“]

Rightfully, current electoral laws require that all voters prove their identity before being allowed to vote. However, Elections Canada has unfortunately made an exception to those rules to accommodate Canadian Muslims.

Despite heavy controversy over face coverings at the polls…

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How do you know it’s love? (Educational Film)


This 1950 educational film is a trip down memory lane to what life was like almost 70 years ago in white America.

American young people are taught good values by their elders, who are confident that good morals will lead to a lifetime of happiness with the opposite sex.

There’s not a homosexual, lesbian, or nonwhite to be seen anywhere.

Again, as in a previous film featured here, the relationship between the teen girl and her mother is interesting.

Uploaded on Nov 6, 2010

Gives students a basis for thinking clearly about real love and shows that mere conviction of love is not enough to insure lasting happiness. A drama.

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About ‘That Wall’

By Cora

The wall would have only been symbolic, it wouldn’t have changed anything, it wouldn’t have changed the fact that we’re gonna be a minority in 2040. We’d still have legal immigration that favors non-whites, affirmative action, diversity quotas, debt, public schools that no sane White person would send their kids to, public transportation that Whites avoid at all costs and only use out of desperation, chimp-outs, a MSM that’s 100% propaganda, a government that hates the White middle-class and wants their guns, feminism, fag marriage … colleges that rewrite history and turn White women into degenerate freaks.

Whites wanting a wall in 2017 America is like slaves who work from 6am to 6pm asking their master if they can instead work from 7am to 7pm. It wouldn’t change anything but the master says no because he hates and fears the slaves and he doesn’t want them getting uppity and asking for something else down the road.

The desire for a wall is ineffably White. It is most definitely Whites who want a wall, and non-Whites, but more important, the jews and the politicians who serve them …who don’t.

It’s pathetic that such a trivial expression of White identity can be so easily squashed by a small wandering tribe of inbred psychopaths.

On the positive side, there must be millions of Whites, worldwide, who are at this moment embarking upon a chain of realizations similar to my own.