ECONOMIC Warfare Against Hitler’s Germany


“Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.” – WinstonChurchill  (November1936toUSGeneralRobertE. Wood)

WinstonChurchill:  “We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.” – (1936 broadcast)

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system, and to build-up an own exchange system from which the (((worldfinance))) couldn’t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” – Winston Churchill, The Second World War (Book by Winston Churchill, Bern, 1960) [Amazon]

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Two Different German Chancellors – 80 Years Apart

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Canadian meatpacker wants a piece of Montana too!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“Having this in my backyard ruins everything about why we moved out here in the first place.” 

(Stacy Hermiller a neighbor to the proposed site)

In my previous postI told you about the Trump Administration deal with China to supply Montana beef to China.  To facilitate the deal, a Chinese company will build a huge feedlot and slaughter plant in the state—to hell with destroying the environment and disrupting the cultural make-up of Montana with migrant/refugee labor!

Now, we see that a Canadian company is one step ahead of the Chinese and trying to get its piece of Montana too!

From the Great Falls Tribune (hat tip: Caroline):

A prominent Albertan livestock production and animal nutrition corporation filed an application within Cascade County to develop Montana’s largest slaughterhouse and meat processing plant on the outskirts of Great Falls.

greatfalls_mt In a highly controversial move, Obama’s US State Department opened…

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Topic With No Name


By Elizabeth Wright

[Another “timeless” article.]

WHAT must you not speak? Any expressions of OPPOSITION to IMMIGRATION policies, of course.

And that proscription applies to any citizen living in the Western world. The influential SierraClub used to talk about it a lot… but no more.


Club members no longer express concern over the effects of population “sprawl,” whereby more and more rural land in the U.S. is being converted to suburban and urban use. On the contrary, many SierraClub members spend time worrying over the plight of land in other countries. A Club director recently expressed his sorrow over the fact that civil wars in Indonesiahave caused over 100,000 people to flee into the jungles (“rain forests”), where they have promptly destroyed the natural environment. He lamented that those 100,000 were not relocated to the UnitedStates which would have prevented the spoilage…

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Peak derangement: Italian government sends 80 migrants to a rural village with 7 inhabitants

Diversity Macht Frei

Pecora - Erbezzo

In the district of Vaccamozzi, in Erbezzo, there are seven people living. A woman with her mother and uncle of 94 and 96, a couple, a carer and a man. This is where, between Sunday and yesterday, greeted by the mist and rain, 26 Africans arrived, asylum seekers, all between 18 and 30. They are the first, 80 are expected in total. They will be housed in the ex-NATO base next to the district, in the building that was also used by the carabinieri.


The same deranged Italian government just sacked a policeman for posting the following video in a private chat. It shows a migrant pedalling down the motorway. The policeman mocks Italian Prime Minister Boldrini’s claim that these people are “resources” for Italy.

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Ms. “Cegenation”

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A message to White Women concerning miscegenation (race-mixing).

THINK, THINK and then think again before acting on emotional impulses strongly induced by mainstreampropaganda designed to force you down a path not in your best interests. In this brief article, I’m primarily referring to White women “dating” outside of their own race. You may ask “whynot?” Simply because, with some sound advice, you could save yourself from an entirelifetime ofregretandheartache.

Through a constant barrage of (((Hollywood)))make-believe stories, in combination with television, newspapers and magazines spewing out their usual ANTIwhitepropaganda, White people are brainwashedto follow a pre-set program similar to sheep being led to slaughter while totally unaware of their impending doom.

Whatever the subject matter, it’s always “open season” to demean, demoralize, or denigrate White men in every possible way, despite the White

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Canada falling for the aging population scam, will admit 1 million immigrants by 2020

[WORLD Population: 7,500,000,000  and 92% are BLACK, BROWN and YELLOW.
CANADA’s (2017) population: 36 Million
[Only 72% White-Majority – REDUCED from 95% in 1981]


Refugee Resettlement Watch

The idea that in order for growth (why is that a good thing?) to continue, an aging population in western countries must be replaced by younger, mostly Muslim migrants, is what has destroyed France, Germany, Belgium etc.

trudeau and Hussen Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s first Somali immigration minister with the boy wonder.

Now Canada is falling for it. 

Does anyone really think that the migrants from the Middle East and Africa are going to work hard, pay taxes, and lovingly pay to care for us in nursing homes in the west in a couple of decades?  I don’t.

You probably saw the news already.  It is from last week.

From CBC News:

Canada will welcome nearly one million immigrants over the next three years, according to the multi-year strategy tabled by the Liberal government today in what it calls “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.”


The number of economic migrants, family…

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