RCMP Cleaning House?

Despite the “pushback” against RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson for publicly denigrating some of the harassment claims being levelled against his federal police force (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) … he does have a point.

Policing is not for everyone.

To be both blunt and accurate, there are those (people) in the job … who are simply not cut out for it.

Over the years, affirmative action has slowly diluted the recruitment pool … all based on the politicallycorrect position against discrimination for sex, size, race — with the only exception being the overt discrimination against unilingual (and traditional) English WHITE males wanting to wear the red serge.

As a result, the force — and its international reputation — is being tarnished by those who joined the force solely for the good pay, the job security and a handsome pension — all while giving little or no thought at the beginning, to the trauma that will be witnessed over the years, the male-dominated genetics that historically prevail, or the para-military and often bully-boy mindset required to courageously serve and protect the public.

Being a cop is NOT for sissies, or sensitive egos.

But even the strongest can break down. Paulson has not denied there is a problem within his force. That would have been stupid.

Posttraumatic stress in policing is not an exaggeration, as was recently illuminated by Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin in the largest report his office ever published following an award-winning investigative Sun Media series that revealed Ontario‘s provincial force (O.P.P.) was treating PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as more phantom than real. And, problems with sexual harassment do exist.

Paulson, in fact, was (very) explicit.

There are, there have been, and sadly, there may well be other bona fide victims of sexual harassment in the RCMP,” he said.

He called them “meritorious victims” of harassment, and claimed he “held hands with women as they were going out the door with tales of horror.” Where we part ways with Paulson, however, is where he calls some claims of sexual harassment “outlandish” because they were purportedly dealt with 25 years ago, and are (now) suddenly back in the headlines. There is no statute of limitations on trauma.

While it may be frustrating, Paulson knew (when) coming in … he had a mess to clean up. This is part of it.   > Source


ANTI-White Police Hiring

Affirmative Action Police

Toronto Police “Losing Face”

Winnipeg Police Surrender To Diversity



Toronto Police Losing “Face”

Members of the Toronto Police Force
Toronto Police officers – Circa early 1900s

Tom Godfrey
Toronto Sun Newspaper

Toronto Police are working to recruit their first female Muslim officer to wear a hijab, six months after the headgear was approved for use by the [Toronto Police] force and community.

[Do Canadians have any more rights to offer their dis-approval in this matter??]

And members of the Chief’s “Muslim Consultative Committee“, who helped draft the hijab policy, said they would also like halal food served in the cafeteria at police headquarters at 40 College St., and [also] at law enforcement functions.

[Have we Canadians gone mad? These absurd demands amply demonstrate how far Canadians have capitulated to “multi-culti”. When are spineless Canadians going to stand up and say “enough is enough” and tell these foreign invaders to assimilate to OUR traditions, or return to their own countries of origin?!

It is with such unmitigated arrogance that these “invaders” expect — we Canadians — to submit to their religious or racial demands at the expense of our own hard-won traditions. And, just why do police managers so eagerly yield to these usurper’s demands without even a whimper of protest!?]

Its only a matter of time before the first woman to wear a hijab is hired,” said retired Staff-Supt. Cyril Fernandes (Kenya-born, South Asian), a former committee co-chair.

[Why should it be a “matter of time” before a hijab-wearing woman is hired as a Canadian police constable?

Police recruits should not be hired on the basis of demonstrating a fashion/religious/ethnic statement, especially one so foreign to our own traditions. How does this sanctioned dress-code nonsense relate to “fighting crime”, or simply to enforcing Canadian traffic laws?]

“There is a lot of interest in policing by members of Muslim community.” Fernandes said the cop-issued hijab was approved by Chief Bill Blair last June after months of working with members of the Muslim community.

[Were efforts made to consult with members of the Christian community to ask if they approved of this intruding, non-traditional dress-code policy??] 

We met with 15 to 20 of the most senior Imams in the city to develop the hijab,” he said. “They were concerned that it had to cover the neck and hair.”

Fernandes said the hijab is fastened by velcro straps and held in place by the officer’s hat.

The Muslim community is one of the fastest growing in the GTA,” he said. “Female Muslim officers can better relate to members of their community.”

[Why re-locate to a traditional Christian country if Muslims are aware their differences will most assuredly cause friction between themselves and their Canadian hosts? Also, if female Muslim officers can “better relate” to members of their own group, how well do they think their Canadian hosts relate to them?]

Committee co-chair Osman Khan said he’s hoping Muslim women will be hired after a police hiring freeze is over.

[We’re hoping the Toronto police hiring-freeze remains in effect, indefinitely, if only to save our own traditions from this eroding p.c. disease that favours Muslims’ self-interests, and visible-minorities in general, to the exclusion and detriment of the battered White Canadian male.

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Police Surrender To “Diversity”]

“There are a number of Muslim women interested in becoming officers,” Khan said. “We are working with them until the hiring freeze is over.”

Police downtown
Toronto Police Officers

[There’s also a limitless number of more qualified White Canadian-born males, interested in these $85,000 police jobs within their very own 84% White country… if that’s not asking too much from the foreign-born interlopers!?]

He said only one woman, Auxiliary cop Mona Tabesh, wears the hijab. Tabesh said it has been her dream to become a (real) cop.

Even if I don’t become a police officer, it will be an honour for me to wear the uniform as an Auxiliary,” she said recently.

Tabesh hopes her hijab, a sign of her Muslim faith, will inspire other Muslim women to join the service.

[Is this what Canadians yearn for in our police forces, when selecting police recruits who may find themselves tackling armed bank robbers, investigating organized crime or matching wits with criminal minds that far exceed their own IQ?? 

English: Hijab-Indonesia Anna Martadiningrat

Then Gawd help us all!

Imagine a hajib-wearing Muslim [police]woman willing to take the same job risks as this California cop, who was shot to death only yesterday, while pursuing a bank robber after a high-speed chase.]

“I hope they feel empowered,” she said

[So wearing a Canadian police uniform is now supposed to “empowerfemale Muslims?? It must be a great day for master criminals who could only burst out laughing at the sight of a 5 ft. 2 inch, affirmative action hijab-wearing Muslim policewoman walking towards them on a city street. 

 Whatever happened to the minimum height of 5 ft. 9 inches, and in addition to noble characteristics such as duty, respect, honour, serve and protect? “Political correctness” is the answer to that question. The once-respected police profession has now been reduced to “empowering” Muslim women.

While walking from one Doors Open Toronto 2007...
Retired Toronto Police Car from the pre-P.C. era


Reading this article’s contents is becoming more demoralizing by the moment!]

The [Toronto Police] force also has at least one Sikh female recruit who is wearing a turban, that was endorsed by the force years ago.

Const. Tony Vella said approval has been given by the [Police] Chief’s office for Muslim women to wear hijabs, which is now only worn by one auxiliary officer.  —Source

[At least, the article ends on a good note!]

Finland’s POLICE have exercised some common sense by refusing to be cowed into capitulating to Muslim demands.



…it gets worse in Britain & British Police Self-Destructing

Editor’s notes are all in parentheses […] .

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Most Wanted Criminals Lists

Police Interceptor of the Los Angeles Police D...

(Note the lack of “Canadian” content with the exception of 2 token Whites added from the 1980s!)

Fugitive SquadMOST WANTED

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)-

…and HOW TO >>>> REPORT Illegal Immigrants.


English: RCMP and CBSA officers in Vancouver, ...
R.C.M.P. and Canada Border officers in Vancouver


British Columbia’s – MOST WANTED

other countries

Los Angeles PoliceMOST WANTED

U.S. Marshals Service – Most Wanted

F.B.I. – Most Wanted

TV’s America’s Most Wanted

London Metropolitan Police – MOST Wanted

New Zealand Police – Most Wanted


NYPD – Whites commit ONLY 1% of shootings

Canada Recruits British Police Officers

By Sarah Chapman, Calgary Herald

Ten years and 6488 km (4030 miles) later, two Scottish police officers who trained together in Glasgow once again found themselves in the same recruit class — this time, with the CALGARY POLICE SERVICE.


Mark Dickson, 34, left, and John Ross, 32, trained together 10 years ago to become police officers in Scotland. Now they're doing it all over in Calgary. Mark Dickson (34 yrs.) left, and John Ross (32 yrs.) from Scotland and are now policemen in Calgary (Canada). Photo: Ted Jacob, Calgary Herald
The two met again at an immigration seminar about a year and a half ago. They both talked about moving to Canada, but neither had decided which police service they would join. In a serendipitous turn, they both applied to the Calgary Police Service, moved to Cochrane, Alberta (Population Demographics) with their young families and even found themselves in the same recruit class once more.[…]

Calgary Police Assisting Motorist

[Annual BASE PAY (pg. 31) $83,315 for 5th-year CONSTABLE      — EQUIVALENT to £55,600 (GBP)

EXCEEDS Chief Inspector’s Salary? (U.K.) May 13, 2010]


(Compare South Australia Police Salary)
Compare U.K. Police Salary

London Bobby’s Story

[UPDATE: CALGARY Police are now ONLY accepting CVs and resumes (not applications) from INTERNATIONAL applicants for future consideration.
No restrictions on Canadian or PR applicants.

BRITS interested in pursuing a Canadian police career may apply for PR (Permanent Residency) through the London Office at: http://www.alberta-canada.com/uk/immigratingToAlberta.htm

*More LINKS at bottom of page


Ross and Dickson are two of more than 100 experienced officers who have been lured from their jobs in the U.K. by Calgary’s department in a desperate attempt to bolster the local ranks. Ross, 32, heard about the Calgary Police service in Glasgow during a recruitment drive and attended an information session the department held there. “I was obviously impressed,” he says.


Dickson believes that police services back home are starting to catch on. “I think they’re more and more aware that they are becoming a marketplace,” he said. “They are losing a lot of people to Canada and I think they’re very aware that they are up against the job market and people looking at police forces will look to other countries.”

Calgary’s place in the international bidding war for experienced officers is strengthened by the police service’s partnership with the ALBERTA government. The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) fast-tracks visas for applicants once they are deemed to be suitable recruits. While a visa would normally take up to five years to obtain… [U.K.] police recruits can receive their visa in about six months.

Constables Stewart O’Neill and Denise McPhee (Calgary Police) spent three weeks in London [England] and Glasgow [Scotland] last year to advertise for the Calgary Police Service and host a booth at an immigration show. They spoke to more than 500 people at the Canadian High Commission in London and held four information sessions with 50 potential recruits at each.

Written tests — a requirement for applicants — were conducted for 186 Brits. “We’ve hired 59 contracts under the provincial nominee program,” said O’Neill, adding another 46 U.K. officers have been hired after previously obtaining their visas. Nearly all of those recruits are experienced officers.

O’Neill himself was lured to Calgary’s police service from London. He was an officer when his wife qualified for a visa and the family started looking into suitable Canadian cities. It was a choice between Halifax, Vancouver or Calgary.

In 2002, the family came to Calgary to explore the city.

Calgary was heavily promoted in the U.K.,” he said. “We liked the location and economically, it was good for us. Coming here seemed the right thing.” Other factors also influenced O’Neill in his decision: a lower crime rate, a higher standard of living, minimal traffic and opportunities for his children to participate in sports.

The biggest consideration was the well-being of his family, which is likely the motivating factor for other U.K. recruits… according to O’Neill. >Source


POLICE EXPAT Disussion Forum

[UPDATE: EDMONTON (Alberta) POLICE  have cancelled the fast-tracked program for INTERNATIONAL applicants effective February, 2010. ONLY Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents may now apply. However, the EPS will accept international resumes (with supporting documents) and kept for future consideration. ]

The cities of Edmonton, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta were the only two police agencies known to assist with obtaining your PR in Canada)

Edmonton Police SALARY (2012 Base)





1st Year Constable $59 124 $2 265 $28.31
2nd Year Constable $62 654 $2 401 $30.01
3rd Year Constable $73 243 $2 806 $35.08
4th Year Constable $80 303 $3 077 $38.46
5th Year Constable $88 245 $3 381 $42.26
Sr. Constable, Level I
(8 Years Complete)
$94 422 $3 618 $45.23
Sr. Constable, Level II
(11 Years Complete)
$96 187 $3 685 $46.06
Sergeant/Detective $105 894 $4 057 $50.71
Staff Sergeant $116 483 $4 463 $55.79

[CURRENCY CALCULATOR – Foreign Exchange rates]

[CURRENCY CALCULATOR – Exchange rates]



ONTARIO Provincial Police >O.P.P. RECRUITMENT<

Check out the (O.P.P) Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police, although no assistance in obtaining permanent residency (PR) is offered by the province of OntarioU.K. applicants must now have Permanent Residency BEFORE acceptance into most Canadian police services.   


U.K. OFFICE — Province of ALBERTA

Province of ALBERTA JOBS


Sheriffs (Alberta province) RECRUITMENT

Vancouver Police RECRUITMENT

Victoria Police (British Columbia) RECRUITMENT

Vancouver Transit Police RECRUITMENT

Saint John Police (New Brunswick) RECRUITMENT

(More recruiting agencies at bottom of page)

READ His Story:

Lewis Hastie

U.K. Office – Province of Alberta

About Alberta Calgary


Affirmative-Action Destroying Effectiveness

WHITE RECRUITS Given 2nd Billing

“Diversity” – But WHY?


Toronto Police Celebrate ‘Diversity’

Black & White Police Cruisers


British Bobbies Walking A Tightrope

“Institutional Racism” In Britain

Vanishing England

The Great Escape From Britain

U.K.’s Inverted Racial Discrimination

University Special Constable & Security Services
(Hat Tip: KJT)


www.aacpo.ca (Community Peace Officers – Traffic)

Province of Alberta JOBS


Nova Scotia



Transit Special Constable Services



Parks Police

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Vancouver Hires On Ethnicity

View on Vancouver on October 1, 2005
VANCOUVER, British Columbia

By Dan Murray

……..a significant number of Vancouver (British Columbia) Police retired in order to avoid cuts to their pensions. In announcing these retirements, the Vancouver Police Chief (in 2004) stated that a large number of replacements would soon have to be hired. At the same time, he said that the new people to be hired should reflect the current ethnic make-up of the city.

The Vancouver Chief of Police is not the only public official to make such statements. Prominent officials in other large cities, at Canada‘s crown corporations and at both the federal and provincial levels have said something similar about their hiring policies. The big question Canadians have to ask is, “Does this policy of reflecting ethnic composition make any sense?”

Well, let’s consider an employment line-up of 80 people who have been waiting in line for a limited number of job openings. These 80 will represent the approximately 2 million unemployed Canadians. Suppose another 20 people suddenly arrive. These 20 represent recently-arrived immigrants. Most Canadians would say that those 20 new arrivals should get in line behind the 80 who have been there for some time. Most Canadians would say that this would be the fair thing to do.

However, the Vancouver Chief of Police and others are saying that the new arrivals should not have to go to the end of the line, but should be put at or near the front of the line and given preference over those who have been waiting for their chance to get employment. The Chief’s (and others’) “reasoning”, if it can be called that, is that the new workforce should consist of both the new arrivals and those standing in line for a long time.

Most Canadians would say that such thinking was absurd. They would also become very angry at the “new and old” rationalization and at the injustice done to the people waiting in line. Yet, led by a number of Canadians proclaiming that new arrivals to Canada are automatically entitled to an instantaneous share of Canada’s resources, absolutely absurd hiring policies such as the one advocating that employment reflect ethnic composition have become common.

Not a week goes by without some officials trying to gain some political capital by saying they are in favour of such a policy or that they are “proud” that their agency or level of government has instituted such a (diversity) policy.

Like most unemployed, Canada’s unemployed are extremely vulnerable and often silent. They should be treated with respect, dignity and fairness, yet Canada’s immigration policies treat them with disrespect, contempt and injustice. Literally hundreds of thousands of (immigrant) workers have recently arrived in Canada, even though Canada had little need for many of them, a sad state of affairs all by itself.. The advocates of “ethnic composition hiring” have poured out their sympathies on these new people and have advocated the fast-tracking of the new arrivals’ credentials and the institution of other measures to see that these people become employed. Simultaneously, these advocates imply that Canada’s own unemployed are disposable and unworthy of consideration.

Any society and all individuals who allow such employment policies to continue will almost certainly harvest the rage that is building. Those who champion such policies have to take responsibility for the misery they are creating. The prudent and the just will do what they can to stop the injustice. >>Source

[…] Immigration Watch Canada


Is Burlington TOO White?

WHITE Males Under Attack

RACE-Based Police Hiring Policies

Visible Minorities Vs Invisible Victims

PHOTO: Who’s Missing In These Pictures?

The Myth of Labour Shortages

Ethical Change In Law Enforcement

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Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada?

Multiculturalism – A Dividing Force

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A White Racial Crisis

Embolden Minorities Eye Canada

Bad Cops Are Bad News

There has always been a bad element of people representing approximately 5% who act outside the law, thus the need of setting in motion the entire judicial machinery to bring the criminal element to justice beginning with the police, then to the courts and finally the prison system.

The same could be said for bad cops.

It has often been said that cops are watching us, but who is watching the cops? Like most ordinary folks, the vast majority of cops are just decent people making a living, but there’s also bad cops wearing police uniforms who also deserve to be brought before the judiciary for acts of criminal malfeasance. For interested readers, here’s a website that gathers rogue cop news from across the U.S.A.

Police Caught Looting Walmart Store


Affirmative-Action Police

Police-State Enforcers

Arrested For Waving Flag


The Fourth Reich In Action

Police Professionals In Retreat

Ethical Change In Law Enforcement


British Bobbies Walking A Tightrope

‘Big Brother’ Fingerprinting Motorists

Thin Blue Line Compromised At The Top


However, if you’re a legitimate threat, expect some stern street justice too!
This unique TORONTO POLICE take-down method was better than being shot dead.

Shifting Ethics In Law Enforcement

By Jim R. Schwiesow

As I write this article the particulars are unfolding of the killing of six young people, and the critical wounding of another by a rampaging full-time Wisconsin deputy sheriff who also moonlighted in his off hours as a municipal police officer. To function in several law enforcement capacities is a fairly common practice among law enforcement officers. It is not my intent to indict an entire profession on a single incident of mass murder by one of its members, but it is high time that we as a nation confront that which has gotten to be most threatening and serious in regard to the increasing militancy and the us against them mentality of too many of those who make up the law enforcement community.

Recently a reader of my columns wrote to me in regard to this very problem and urged that I write a column to address the issue. She wrote in part, “we are now witnessing a further result of the unconstitutional destruction of the separation of jurisdictions between levels of enforcement authority. Local law enforcement officers are freely using brutal tactics, not to protect the citizens, but to maintain and further the corrupt, illegal, lying, and murderous status quo. The emerging youthful beardless boys of arrogant police agencies who have had no training in, and evidence no regard for, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights compound this condition.

Despite all their new equipment, massive arsenals, body armor, and federal monies, these brave new police enforcers will hide behind trees, buildings, vehicles, and obey incredible orders to stand down instead of attempting to rescue a disarmed and meek citizen or citizens being slaughtered by some crazed individual or by another freaked out ‘law’ agency conducting raids upon unsuspecting and often totally innocent people. Those who resist in any way these incursions are murdered wholesale and burned out.


This lady has very astutely identified the increasing hostility and the shift in ethics and principles of all too many in the law enforcement community. She also quite correctly identifies the corrosion of the profession and the corrupting influence of the federal government, which should have no control or ascendancy over local law enforcement agencies.

Operation FALCON - The USA is turning into a Police State
Deputy Barney Fife asks Andy Griffith“WHAT HAPPENED, ANDY?”


A recently retired police officer wrote the following, “The current compliment of young officers contains too many who are arrogant, undisciplined and sadistic in the performance of their duties. They have little or no regard or respect for the rights of ordinary citizens and often deprive them of their dignity as human beings with their roughshod tactics.”


We have come to a point in this country where police death squads in coal scuttle helmets, black armor and jack-boots strike the same terror and fear into the hearts of innocent law-abiding citizens that their counterparts of the SA and SS did in Nazi Germany. All that is missing is a crooked cross upon their helmets.


Every day the various governments haul in millions of dollars in totally unreasonable fines and costs from hapless citizens for minor infractions of one kind or another.


Just as Al Capone and the other gangster lords had soldiers to make their collections so does the government, they are called policemen. —[Full Article HERE]—


Police-State Enforcers

Arrested For Waving Flag

The Fourth Reich In Action

Destroying Effective Policing

Police Professionals In Retreat

British Bobbies Walking A Tightrope

‘Big Brother’ Fingerprinting Motorists

Affirmative-Action Police

Police ALSO Looting Wal-Mart Store

By Walter Williams

Police departments must use race and sex preferences in hiring as a result of [U.S.] federal court consent decrees and political pressures. To meet these demands, many police departments have lowered, and in some cases eliminated, established standards for personal character and intellectual and physical capacity.

Jan Golab writes about this in “How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD” in the May 2005 issue of The American Enterprise. While most of Mr. Golab’s article chronicles how Los Angeles damaged its police force in its quest for “diversity,” where it’s had to fire 100 police officers, identical damage has occurred in other cities. Washington, D.C., had to indict or fire 250 cops; New Orleans indicted more than 100 [officers]. In these cities, policemen have been charged with crimes ranging from murder and rape to robbing drug dealers and selling confiscated drugs.

Most policemen are honest, dedicated and hard-working people who put their lives on the line to protect us against criminals. A few, Mr. Golab reports, are no less than criminals themselves. In 1997, L.A. policeman David Mack was arrested for the armed robbery of a Bank of America branch in which he heisted $772,000. In the late 1990s, as many as 25 L.A. policemen were believed to have direct gang ties. A significant number of L.A. policemen had off-duty jobs providing security for hoodlums in the rap music industry deeply involved in drugs and gang violence. At least one policeman was arrested as a guard at a cocaine house.

In the wake of L.A.’s Rampart Division scandal, where 30 officers were suspended or fired, former LAPD deputy chief Steve Downing said, “Rampart wasn’t about cops who became gangsters. It was about gangsters who became cops.” Downing adds that elected officials refuse to acknowledge the obvious: Institutionalized racial preferences “allowed persons of poor character to be hired.” >more>>

[Here in CANADA, we have been accepting immigrants originating mostly from 3rd world countries for over two decades now. Every year since the late 1980’s, about 250,000 legal immigrants arrive in our country, the vast majority described as “visible minorities“. That translates into an astounding 90% of all new immigrants arriving in Canada year after year……are NON-white!

As a result, Canadian taxpayers are forced to support innumerable non-government organizations (N.G.O.s) catering exclusively to these special interest groups based on [their] race and/or religion.

In addition, by way of employment equity policies (affirmative action), our own Police services are also affected by racial hiring practices designed to reflect members of this massive load of “non-traditional” immigrants. Unlike the United States, and only until very recently, Canada has never had the need to implement such race-based policies….until we began importing vast numbers of non-white people.

Below, are some Canadian police recruiting websites depicting a noticeable absence of young White males in some sites, despite our own White Canadian proportional numbers being about 86% of Canada’s population, according to 2001 Stats Canada. –Editor-]

Ottawa Police – http://careers-carrieres.ottawapolice.ca/index.cfm

Peel Regional Police – http://www.peelpolice.on.ca/Employment/Uniform%20Recruiting.aspx

Toronto Policehttp://www.torontopolice.on.ca/careers/

Ontario Provincial Policehttp://www.opp.ca/Recruitment/index.htm

(Lead photo – Minorities Front & Centre with White guys in the back)

Royal Canadian Mounted Policehttp://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/recruiting-recrutement/home-accueil/introduction-eng.htm

“As the National Post reported on June 27, 2005, the so-called shortfall of qualified applicants to the RCMP academy was due to its gender and racial hiring quotas that required Canadian WHITE males to score 20% higher than women…… and 33% HIGHER than visible minorities on aptitude tests!

[Employment-Equity is a blatantly RACIST and unfair quota policy aimed directly at WHITE CANADIANS in their OWN country, and one that rewards recent NON-white immigrants with Canadian jobs. So-called “employment-equity” is nothing more than an ongoing injustice of itself!

White Canadian applicants who are guilty of nothing, are unfairly denied EQUAL opportunity to compete for scarce jobs in a tight labour market. So-called “employment-equity” is simply a racist policy specifically directed against White Canadian Males. (Some White females, too!)

Why aren’t White Canadians screaming racism here?

To assert that employment-equity (affirmative action) LOWERS the overall competency levels of new recruits….is a PROVEN FACT… when MINORITIES are judged NOT capable of achieving IQ test scores equal to their White counterparts!]

Any country which does not protect its majority population through limitations on immigration, invites the contempt of the immigrants who have entered its territory and who have become a majority in a part or the whole of its territory.”]

During the mid-90’s, with unmet racial and female recruitment targets co-existing with a five year BACKLOG of Caucasian male applicants, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had a quiet ‘no white males’ policy.” There’s no fairness in this regressive policy. [Instead the RCMP were placing recruiting advertisements elsewhere, such as HERE]

>more HERE>>


VANCOUVER Hires On Ethnicity

NON-Traditional Police Standards

Multiculturalism – A Dividing Force

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