Canada Border Rally On June 3rd – Stop Illegal Foreign Invaders

LOOK what’s happening on Canada‘s doorstep >> HERE

SHOUTING a call-out for CANADIAN and AMERICAN citizens to a rally point on – Sunday, June 3rd – (on BOTH Sides) at this remote ILLEGAL border crossing on Roxham Road near Champlain, N.Y. on the American side, and Hemmingford, Quebec, nearest town on the Canadian side.

CANADA belongs to Canadians … NOT to Trudeau.

Send a strong message to Ottawa by DEMONSTRATING your support for CANADA and for Faith Goldy in her quest to stop this Illegal FOREIGNER INVASION. Begin mobilizing your clubs, associations, team sports, Legion membership, or towns to travel by charter bus, cars or bicycle and demonstrate your support for our nation. Up to 400 unwanted foreigners PER DAY are ILLEGALLY landing on Canadian soil at this one remote crossing point.  See another > Video


Trust Us, We’re The Government

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BUT … fortunately we have JILL COLTON & FAITH GOLDY to discuss CANADA‘s border crisis where TENS of Thousands of Unknown Overseas Foreigners are ILLEGALLY entering Canada via the U.S.


IMPORTANT Date: For Concerned Canadians > June 3rd, 2018 (see video below)

Faith Goldy‘s video report at an ILLEGAL crossing-point between the U.S. and Canada
30 Mins.

22 Mins.

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Don’t Worry Canada, It’s Only Your Money

Lying, cheating FOREIGN invaders are REWARDED for lying, cheating and illegally landing on our Canadian soil. Amazing, eh?


Impoverished Canadianborn citizens get “the shaft”  while unknown, just-arrived FOREIGNERS get the “gold mine”.

City of TORONTO (above)
British Columbia