This Is THE Plan!


Originally written over 100 years ago!


Population by Race

7,500,000,000 World Population >>> and just 8% are WHITE!


Demography is Destiny – Good Bye CANADA



Toronto – The Way We WERE

Through brainwashing techniques developed by the Marxist Frankfurt School in the 1920s and continually administered right up into today’s environment, it’s quite fashionable to equate White Euro-Canadians as being “privileged“, thus leading ordinary White people to unnecessary “white guilt”, self-hatred or being blame-worthy for ALL the world’s problems. Today’s world population is 7.5 BILLION people, and White Europeans represent a mere 8%; so to assign that massive burden onto the world’s MINORITY race must be wholly conspiratorial in nature.

Written over 100 years ago!

To assuage this ridiculous notion of “Whiteguilt” (ever hear of Black guilt or Brown guilt?) — we proceed to allow our hard-fought nation to be flooded by the world’s incompatible NON-white, 3rd World peoples to the point of reducing our own White Canadian gene-pool downwards to a projected 20% within the next 90 years!

CANADA is a European nation developed through “blood, sweat and tears” by your European-descended great, great grandparents most likely born into poverty, or had a working-class background, and who struggled without welfare benefits unlike those generously bestowed upon today’s incoming NON-white foreigners/fake refugees.

Looking back about 100 years ago, this video offers a clue or two of the hardship living conditions of Toronto’s Canadian-born working-class citizens.


Stop Legal Immigrants From Entering Canada For 5 Years!

Editor’s Note:  Arriving FOREIGNERS from far-away countries are NOT “New Canadians“. They are immigrating FOREIGNERS with the option of becoming a “passport Canadian” after 3 or more years if they pass certain guidelines. Don’t be fooled by the usual leftist propaganda into accepting their deceptive use of words and symbols. I’m not suggesting Jill is a “leftist”, only that she automatically fell for their euphemism .


This Land Is OUR Nation

“Paper Canadian” Foreigners

“Oh Canada”, Ripe For The Taking

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