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A reader sends:

I have little medical training as it is not my field, however I have probably seen more human anatomy than most doctors… not less than multiple thousands of bodies on the ground and parts of them hanging from bushes, on rocks and lodged in tree limbs. Images of 206 dead lining both sides of a makeshift airstrip in the middle of nowhere once… most killed in about 45 minutes by a tribe with weapons, against a tribe without.

I know there were that many because I walked the airstrip drinking a beer and smoking cigarettes counting them. So many bodies, some ripped to pieces by automatic weapons fire, that there was a separate pile for arms and legs not matched to the dead. The elderly… men, women, children… babies. Maddening.

Firearms and 2nd Amendment rights are a contentious and volatile issue in America… but unknown to most…

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Syrian man in Germany appears on air with blood on his face after killing wife

Remember The 14 Words

German newspapers reported that Abu Marwan has been separated from his wife, who earned custody of their three children.

The man alleged that the victim kicked him out when he attempted to visit her to resolve matters between them and unite the family.

In an attempt to justify the crime, Abu Marwan said that his actions were a message to all women who irritate their husbands saying “this is how you’ll end.” The man and his son urged viewers to share the video.


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Muslims Are Part of the Problem


OCASI Image attacking whites

” […] (City of) Toronto says that the posters are, in part, a response to “a number of crimes committed against Muslims earlier this year”. As “evidence” of said “crimes”, CityNews links to story of a Muslim woman who was pushed and called a “terrorist” in November 2015—by a BLACKmale!

But, just three days before the campaign’s launch, a Muslim committed the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States. On the heels of this landmark massacre, why are White people the ones being condescendingly thought-policed?

If Toronto is concerned about inter-ethnic conflict, then aren’t Islamicbullets a bigger problem than Whitewords?

Isn’t getting murdered a more serious concern than being told to “go back where you came from”?

Muslimskill us and then Toronto tells us that were the problem? This poster is an…

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Australia’s Imported African Violence Continues


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Professor Andrew FraserWARNEDus in 2005:
“Experience — practically everywhere in the World — tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in CRIME, VIOLENCE and a wide range of other SOCIAL PROBLEMS!”

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… and in CANADA 

Toronto Skyline
TORONTO, Ontario

 Importing Black Violence

Importing Jamaican “Culture”

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Demographics Matter: Make America White Again

Locust blog

Joe Jones

Daily Stormer
January 30, 2018

The racial demographics of a nation will determine with absolute certainty the future of that nation.

As a result, whenever you want to make any nation great again the only way to do that is with a majority White demographic. All other races are either too stupid, violent, lazy, or some combination of the three to actually accomplish anything great.

The only exceptions are very few Asian groups, but even then they likely would not have the same impact Whites have had on history.

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