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Comment worth noting from St. Cloud, MN

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Editor: From time to time I post comments more prominently that I think are important but would get little notice otherwise. This is a comment I received about my post two days ago, here.

From St. Cloud Guy:

I have lived in St Cloud for a long time and I can’t believe how fast the city is going down. The housing market in St. Cloud is falling way behind all the surrounding cities because of the excessive refugee population. Also the schools have become some of the worst ones in the entire state of Minnesota. The Star Tribune estimated over 30% of St Cloud Apollo High School is Somalian now and the other high school St. Cloud Tech has a larger refugee population in its area. They have only been coming to St. Cloud in large numbers the last decade and a half. What will happen in another 10…

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African Migrant Stabs Mom and 6 Year Old Son in “Random” Attack, say Canadian Police

FOREIGN Migrant “Enricher” To CANADA



The race of the mother and sun victims is not available in any of the six sources I checked before posting this news out of Canada.

Police often claim that an attack is “random” when the knifeman is black and the victim white. Thus, I’m suspicious of this case being hate crime.

The usual “mentally ill” excuse is also being trotted out by the cowardly Canadians who refuse to acknowledge that sh*tskin migrants are a criminal blight upon their once fair land.

Based upon his name I speculate that this turd-colored creature is from Ethiopia or thereabouts.

Calgary Sun

Charges of attempted murder have been laid against a 20-year-old Calgary man after a mother and her six-year-old son were brutally stabbed Friday evening.

The ordeal began a little after 7 p.m. Friday evening when calls for help were heard coming from a…

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Why Deschner

The West’s Darkest Hour

Why reproduce passages from Karlheinz Deschner’s book?

When more than eight years ago I discovered the internet sites that claimed to defend the West from mass migration, I was delighted. The first of those places where I interacted with people was Gates of Vienna. It was the first time in my life that I encountered Jews in serious discussions.

Then I knew nothing of the Jewish problem. But the way that half-Jew Takuan Seiyo reacted when I began to awaken to the Jewish question was so bilious that in my mind it had the diametrically opposite effect: it made me see that his critics were right.

Then I started having problems with the star of the anti-jihad movement: the Norwegian Fjordman especially when, in a thread of Gates of Vienna, I mentioned that famous YouTube clip in which a Jewess emigrated to Sweden says that the Jews will play…

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