White Canadians Blamed Again and Again

Toronto: Whites Blamed because Nonwhites are Poorer In This City

[…] “WHITE people and “white racism” are the reasons why NON-whites in the Canadian city of Toronto are poorer … and as a result, the metropolis is becoming increasingly racially segregated, the Toronto Star has reported.”

From the commentary section:

” […] who do those Marxists at The [Toronto] Star think they’re fooling? They combined ALL brown and black people in the low-income category in order to boost the non-White numbers to make them more than twice the total of the White percentage of poor.

If, however, you look at the graph as they printed it, which breaks down poverty rates individual races…and the only way one race should be compared to another…Whites are the overwhelming MAJORITY of poor people in Toronto at 31%!

The next identifiable racial group, South Asians, isn’t even close at 19%. Even the strange “Other” category is a distant 23%. Someone needs to call them out on their BS.” […] Source

 TORONTO Mayoralty Candidate FAITH GOLDY posing with homeless Canadian.


Demography is Destiny – Good Bye CANADA


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