Feminism is ANTI-White



ProWhite is ProWoman, Feminism is Anti-White

From Red Ice TV/radio-3fourteen

Lady LaSSarus is a traditionalist, wife and aspiring mother from the deep mountain South who wishes to unite the ladies of the Traditionalist/Alt-Right movement. She is opposed to feminism, Cultural Marxism, and Critical Theory.

Lady LaSSarus joins us for a discussion about feminism, women’s matters, and the Alt-Right. We begin with a look into her awakening to the cultural Marxist slant on race issues in the U.S., which was brought to light through working with Chicago’s south side public school system.

Lady LaSSarus gives her views on (Donald) Trump and the great traction he is receiving as Americans fed up with the crumbling economy and degradation caused by never-ending 3rd world immigration … are finally taking a stand. We look at some liberal misconceptions about the viability of multiculturalism and upholding European ideals that…

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Citizenism or Ungrateful Losers

From the comments re: bottom photo

“Got to chuckle at these flatheads touring via White man roads/highways in their White man chariot fueled by White man fossil energy, wearing White man fabrics dyed with White man chemistry, vision corrected and portrait captured for posterity with White man optics, and conveyed with White man asynchronous telecommunications.

But feeling all superior because they can make a White man obscene gesture at a White man work-of-art from the White man tourist center paid for with White man tax dollars.”

They seem to forget White Man’s scientific, medical, engineering feats of the past, including many other notable achievements.  As Fred Reed said,
When you can do this, come back and talk to me“.

Space Shuttle

Goodbye, America (in a photo)

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London Police “Institutionally Racist”


By Venutios Brigantes

In one of the more outrageous recent cases of the “pot calling the kettle black”, the blacks-only Metropolitan Black Police Association (BPA) has again … accused the Metropolitan Police of London, England, of being “institutionally racist.”

English: Metropolitan Police officers on patro... Metropolitan Police officers in London’s Trafalgar Square

This cry of “institutional racism” is nothing else but NON-whites decrying the fact that they tend to be stopped, searched and arrested more often than Whites. The reason for this is, of course, because as a statistical average, NON-whites commit more crime than Whites.

However, rather than admit this obvious fact, NON-white organisations such as the “Metropolitan Black Police Association” and White liberals, will prefer instead … to blame White people. This tactic is used the world over to excuse high NON-white crime rates (in White countries), or even failure to perform properly…

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Public loathing of the police is such that in Britain the slang term for the self-serving constabulary is ‘the filth’.  It is deserved; police slobbering over non-Europeans leaves Whites with a feeling of revulsion and betrayal.

Undeniably, police put the interests of non-whites, or of those with a perverted interest in children, sodomy or peculiar sexual behaviour, before the interests of law abiding Whites. So be it, the police made their beds then let them lie on it.

Police crack down hard on their own kind because ethnic-Europeans are naïve. The better organised left caucus and George Soros funded immigrant foundations know how to give the police a hard time. Their libraries, pamphlets, propaganda, subsidised books and training courses, teach the immigrant-Antifa alliance how to respond to police harassment, questioning, and arrest.

So, the self-hating police pick on the weakest instead. State-protected cowards strut their stuff as they raid the…

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Women In The Alt-Right Movement




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White Women Encouraged To Have More WHITE Babies

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