Makow: Don’t Feel Sorry for Blacks


Guest writer Lanny Goodman exposes the hidden truths about black American elites.

Full disclosure: I selected the “offensive” images for this post. They do not appear in Dr. Makow’s article.

Excerpt from Henry Makow

There is no greater and more unified power, aside from American Jews, than organized American blacks.

African-Americans are not only one of the wealthiest blocs inAmerica, but they are also one of the most powerful as they populate the majority of the federal and state law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, the legislative branches, as well as the executive branch.

They dominate certain segments of the ultra secret society the Freemasons, and even have their own exclusively racist Masonic Lodges bestowed with money, power and authority from the United Grand Lodge of England, itself.

They are armed to the teeth with various “special protected class” status and federal/state/local laws and regulations, so even sneering at one of…

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Sudanese Migrant Shoots Up White Church, Killing 1, Wounding 7; Stopped by White Parishioner with Gun



If not for the heroic actions of a young white male hero, the death toll in Sunday’s terror attack on innocent white church people would have been much higher.

Fox News

One woman was killed and seven other people were hurt after a suspect identified as a Sudanese immigrant opened fire at a Tennessee church Sunday, police said, as the FBI confirmed it’s launched a civil rights investigation into the shooting.

The suspect, 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson, immigrated from Sudan two decades ago, police said. He’s suspected of bringing at least two pistols and a mask to the predominantly white Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, southeast of Nashville, before

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department tweeted that Samson had been released from the hospital and will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

Photos from a Facebook page under Samson’s name seemed to show him…

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Each of the following facts is explained by data at the source site.

Racist Fact #1: More whites in poverty than blacks
Racist Fact #2: Whites are more likely to be killed by police
Racist Fact #3: Asians are good at math
Racist Fact #4: Blacks rape disproportionately more than whites
Racist Fact #5: Only 1.6 percent of whites owned slaves
Racist Fact #6: Blacks murder A LOT!
Racist Fact #7: White-on-black crime is a statistical rarity
Racist Fact #8: More than 72 percent of black children are born out of wedlock
Racist Fact #9: Whites lose top serial killers standing
Racist Fact #10: Black-on-black crime IS A THING!
Racist Fact #11: Blacks dominate all STDs
Racist Fact #12: Illegal immigrants disproportionately commit more crime
Racist Fact #13: Africa has more slaves than all western countries combined
Racist Fact #14: Most mass shooters are white males… Right?
Racist Fact…

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We want to go to Germany and make Muslim babies…

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That is what Syrian ‘refugees’ told writer Burak Bekdil on an island in Greece.  Asked why Greece wasn’t sufficient for the purpose, he was told that the Greeks don’t pay refugees as well as the Germans do…

“They [‘infidels’] are too easy to fool.”

(Afghan refugee on a Greek island)

From BESA Center (Hat tip: Robin). Emphasis below is mine):

….on a beautiful and cool summer evening, I met A. at a bar on the same island. A., a Syrian refugee, often spends his evenings bar-hopping with his western friends. Those friends are mostly romantic European social workers who, I observed several times, sport t-shirts, bags, and laptops festooned with the Palestinian flag. They are on the island to help the unfortunate Muslim refugees who are fleeing war in their native countries.

Syrian refugee men Syrian refugee men. At another time in history they would be called invaders. In 2015 Trump wanted to…

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Media Silence on White Genocide in South Africa

Affirmative Right

Sebastiaan Biehl

“The elephant in the room” is an English saying that refers to something that is undeniably present, but which everyone chooses not to see. The elephant represents a major problem that must be tackled, but everyone ignores it.

In South Africa, there is one especially big elephant in the room: the murder of white people–more specifically, the murder of white farmers–by blacks. The international media, which reports about everything and anything, simply ignores the plague of farm murders ravaging our nation.

Imagine if a black American were tortured to death every second day by whites, and think about the upset this would cause worldwide; how everybody, from the UN to local editors, would sharply rebuke the US government for letting something like this happen. The reverse is true in South Africa today, but it is hardly ever talked about.

Looking at a few recent reports from international mainstream…

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A Dialogue on Canada’s 150th Anniversary


House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

February 9, 2017.

 Dear M.P.:

On this anniversary year marking Canada’s 150th Birthday, Parliament has requested a ‘dialogue’ on the issues affecting Canadians.  It would be wise to consider these issues.

But Celebrate ‘Canada Day’ — Not a chance. The MSM endlessly want a ‘dialogue’ on issues. Want to have a real conversation???? Then listen to why:

Our culture and people have been sold out for globalism, ‘diversity’,  envy and anti-White hatred.  Canada is not a land mass, nor a set of propositions.

Government elites and PC subversion have out right hijacked MY and YOUR Canadian culture through the use of heavy propaganda promulgated through the media and other methods. They have destroyed neighbourhoods and whole cities – that is White Genocide. Government actively favor the immigrants it lets in over its own citizens and is overtly hostile to…

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