The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Hear this you of ENGLAND

By Sarah, Maid of Albion
Hear this you of England. Hear this you the people of Europe and of European origin, hear this you the first people of Britain.
You have slept, and whilst you slept men of evil will have worked against you, and their work is almost done. You must awake soon, for if you slumber on their work will be done and those waking dawns left to you will be as bitter as they are few. Look now and see how low they have already brought you.
Look what has already been stolen whilst you slept. Many rights, safe to others, are now DENIED to you. You alone,  amongst indigenous peoples, will no longer be permitted to defend your culture, or your people.  Not for you are the protections which international bodies grant to the natives of other lands. Unlike…

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