A Sovereign Nation In Peril


Español: Bandera Hipotetica de la unión Nortea...

Contributed by Kathleen Moore

Useful idiot”: Former Liberal federal MP, Warren Allmand (a man who in a separate print news item http://www.mediafire.com/?dekqtahvp49cyy5, takes credit for pushing the Liberal policy of multiculturalism in Canada decades ago), is President of the World Federalist Society, Canada.

In the December 8, 2011 EMBASSY.MAG he urges:

Canada should push for a UN parliamentary assembly

The subnote says:

“A strengthened United Nations where all voices can be heard is imperative. But to be heard, these voices must come not only from government functionaries but also from representatives of people.”

Considering the fact that academics such as Professor John Fonte, whom I translated recently into English, points out that globalization is “post-democratic”; and also in view of LeMonde, a French EU journal online which nonchalantly declares the EU (European Union)  is becoming increasingly “depoliticized”, invitations…

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