Ernst Zündel: A Lover, not a Hater – Eulogy by Michael Hoffman

Free Speech Monika

ErnstDies copy A dear friend sent me the graphic

Monika’s note: Ernst Zundel is a giant, and an absolute hero to me. It was the documentary “Off Your Knees Germany – the story of Ernst Zündel” which first opened my eyes to this whole story of holohoax, after which I could not stop researching and digging into this. One day, when we have succeeded in bringing down this house of cards of lies, there will be monuments and statues of Ernst Zundel everywhere.

I remember when there was daily talk about this man back in the 80’s, during the Toronto trials. I assumed he was kind of a bad man or a crazy man, because that is how the media was portraying him, and I didn’t pay that much attention. It was background noise to me then.

Had I paid closer attention to what was actually happening in those trials, I…

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