Jared Taylor Feeling Empowered: “Young white guys are hopping mad.”



Jared Taylor has been in the trenches for 20 years laying the intellectual foundations for a white ethnostate. Mr. Taylor has red pilled many of us, including Richard Spencer. He deserves our respect, even if we disagree with him about the Jewish Question.

It takes all kinds to shift the Overton window. Taylor’s “scientific racism” appeals to those who don’t want to go full-blown Nazi by joining Andrew Anglin’s stormer army.

Here he gets reasonably positive press coverage from Britain’s leftist paper.

Excerpt from The Guardian

“We are soldiers in this war,” Jared Taylor told an overwhelmingly male and entirely white audience of around 300 late on Saturday. “And we will win.”

The founder and editor of American Renaissance, once a print magazine and now “the internet’s premier race-realist site”, no longer thinks whites can have America to themselves. But he wants an all-white “ethnostate”…

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