Which is it gonna be White Man

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The parallels between the immigration debate in the USA and in Europe is striking, as are the politics that define this debate. It is worth looking a bit deeper to understand why the Leftist-Globalist Elites are trying to destroy Western life through mass uncontrolled immigration (AKA the ‘Open Border Movement’).

Bear in mind that of course by ‘the Leftist-Globalist Elite’ – I mean those powerful people in control of the apparatuses of power (banks, multicorporations, the advanced science and technologies producing everything from medical, food, to the military complex) who know exactly what they are doing, and Useful Idiots who are blinded by the dogma (and zealotry) of Multiculturalism / Open Borders / Political Correctness. The Useful Idiots are clearly more than 90% – they will not even be aware of these theories, even though many emanate from Left wing academics.

Many libtards in Europe have been truly astounded to…

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