Our Race Is Dying


By CorshamCrusader1


An attempt at a discrimination graphic.  Our (WHITE) race is dying… as it’s slowly being ‘blended’ with Black and Asiatic races … as sacrifices to the New World Order.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE PEOPLE on Earth?   ANSWER.]


The Global “Elites” want a One World Government [with] no borders and no individual Nations. It follows, that they also want a world with ‘one’ people as well, a mixed-race world where all the races are mixed, and the unique identities of individual groups blended out of existence.

(ELN Editor’s Note: The primary targeted nations are ONLYWhite-Euro countries. Neither China or India are in any danger of having their BILLIONS of respective nationalities blended out of existence. ]

We, in the British Resistance, see this as the genocide of our people as defined under the “United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment…

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