Justin Trudeau Donates $241.5 Million to CLINTON FOUNDATION


There may be some confusion on the money flows in this story. This Canadian government announcement puts the amount for some sort of feminist nonsense at $241.5 million, but it does not say that the whole amount is going to the Clinton scam.

Allegedly, the purpose of the plan is to reduce births in third world countries, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the money will be stolen and/or wasted by corrupt third world government officials.

The Toronto Sun is opposed to giving any Canadian taxpayer money to to the corrupt Clintons.

Toronto Sun

Justin Trudeau has been a vocal advocate on women’s issues.

Our Prime Minister has been praised, both here and abroad, for his efforts to advance equality among men and women.

He’s been particularly effective advocating for the United Nations and other governments to do more to help women living in violent or oppressive conditions, particularly…

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