White People Banned From Cafe As National Association Of Black Journalists Demand Segregation

Country Comfort.Canada

Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head, steal money from the government, because they can’t compete in the open arena of true debate. Its the old cultural Marxist dictum of the “long march through the institutions”. On a personal level, I don’t know why, white students feel they must attend these so called institutions of higher learning. Their imaginary white privilege will not guarantee them a job or opportunity to speak off. They will only be indoctrinated, in false beliefs based upon assumptions, sprung from the mind of Jews wishing to take down the west.
In the end, I think too many white people still feel they are too heavily invested in the system, and can’t let go of it. Not enough of us, have  realized that the government and the police force to a certain degree, are our enemies, though they try to pretend to be…

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