Judaism is a Political Project

- Hervé RYSSEN -

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Article by Hervé Ryssen published on July 21, 2013. Translated from french by James Pollard (april 2017).

We have amply demonstrated in the chapters of our books that Jewish intellectuals of all persuasions push as hard as they can for immigration into the countries where they have settled. Their aim is to dissolve ethnically homogenous societies and promote intermarriage, the ultimate aim being to unify the world and establish a world government.

“Once European-wide institutions have been put into place, there will perhaps be an urgent need for a world government”, Jacques Attali tells us in his Dictionnaire du XXIe siècle.

The multicultural society, together with a weakening in the sense of national belonging, also allows Jews to protect themselves from a surge in nationalism, which they associate with very bad memories. There are countless quotes on this issue. Without exception, all Jewish intellectuals focus on the…

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