Foreign INVASIONS With a Difference


By Val Koinen


No … this is NOT about geology.

I was thinking of scribbling a screed about the European “refugee” invasion crisis today. You know — the onslaught of Middle Eastern/Muslim/Arab/Semitic/African/brown and black hordes that have been overwhelming the European continent for the past many months, and which has horrifically intensified this summer.

And the insanity of the WhiteEuropean nations allowing (actually, facilitating) this kind of racial and cultural suicide to happen. (I was going to write ‘the unfathomable insanity…’ in the preceding sentence, but that wouldn’t have been accurate — this rapidly developing tragedy for our people and our White homelands sure as hell is ‘fathomable’ when you are aware of the role the Jews have played and are playing in these events.)

But when scrolling down through my list of reference websites and blogs first thing this morning — focusing…

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