Irish Genocide of 1845 – 1850

Over 5 MILLION Irish people starved to death by the British



The Realist Report Interviews Alfred Schaefer – April 2017 — TRANSCRIPT


[ John Friend of The Realist Report interviews German-Canadian activist Alfred Schaefer on his efforts to expose the activities of organized jewry and its ongoing plan of genocide against non-jews, especially Whites. The psychological warfare that is being waged against us by organized jewry is of particular interest to him and how they have programmed us to passively accept our own destruction through the constant use of poisonous ideas and words — KATANA.]


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Diversity Is Mediocrity

By PaxCanadiana

We don’t need a self-promoting blowhard telling us how mediocre (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is.  I think it does a pretty good job of speaking for itself.

BLACK AFRICAN (Somali-born), Muslim REFUGEE being sworn-in as Canada’s IMMIGRATION MINISTER?!?

When you have a former ski instructor and substitute drama teacher of generational wealth possessing an undeserved sense of self-importance acting as the effective “leader” of your country what can you expect?

So… What is this guy’s agenda?? finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy.gif


CANADA’s Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau

… same agenda for White EUROPEANS in Europe.

We’re not talking Winston Churchill here.  More like Kim Jong Un (North Korea) minus all that evil stuff.  However, it’s worth noting his reason for saying it which is to pursue diversity for diversity sake, you sacrifice competency and inevitably quality, producing an inferior outcome to what you could have had. When diversity is your maxim you’re practically capitulating to being second best almost all the time.

Justin Trudeau: Canada is a postnational state

In fact, “diversity means second (or even last) place” is truer to reality than “diversity is our strength” which is more at home in ideological fantasy-land.

And I could stop there because I think it’s so self-evident that diversity is mediocrity that elaboration is not needed.  I guess I could provide some examples.

New York state is planning on scrapping a literacy test it used to screen teachers because too many minorities — primarily blacks and Hispanics — were failing it.  This means the standards of the New York state education system will suffer as will the education of the pupils forced to be taught by unqualified teachers.  All for the sake of diversity.

Journalistic standards have been further diminished by the diversity agenda.  Ever cognizant of the effect their words may have on the minds of the reading public journalists have engaged in self-censorship and spin when reporting the news.  Objectivity and truth have given way to misinformation, half-truths, or just spiking a story if it doesn’t conform to the “diversity is our strength” narrative.  This has created a demoralized journalistic class and the misleading of the public by contributing to its collective ignorance.

Diversity is such a strength for Canadian society unemployment is one its great gifts to the host WHITE majority.

Ottawa policing standards were given a brief relief of duty to hire an unqualified SOMALI immigrant. (… likely another fake “refugee” – Ed.)


Are we talking about racial diversity?  How is that our strength?  How does one’s particular skin colour endow that person with unique skills and talents that that can’t be replicated by others of a different racial composition?  How does one’s skin colour bestow gifts unto the society they happen to inhabit?  If we’re honest with ourselves, we can see that racial diversity is not our strength.  It’s pursued more as a moral obligation if anything, while ignoring all of the undesirable social problems it creates.  Indeed, “racial diversity” is bullshit!    >>> con’t to FULL REPORT.

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Somali refugees resettled in Arizona headed to Minnesota in large numbers

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Why would they leave a climate more like home to move to the frigid north in droves?  All sorts of reasons are given in this article from the Phoenix New Times—-supposedly for jobs, to be with family members, Somali “community,” better welfare, but not mentioned is to build political power through numbers.  Minnesota will be the first state to push for aspects of Shariah Law to be put in place, in my opinion.

Here is how the reportbegins (there is always a sad individual or family that is the star of the story! J-school 101!):

Bilad Yusuf and her seven kids were on their way to Minnesota, less than two months after they arrived in Phoenix.

“We didn’t know how to get jobs here, and even if we did, we didn’t know how we’d get to them,” she explained through an interpreter who translated from Somali to English.

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Joe Sheds Light on the Blackness

The White Tea Room

Our dear friend Joe aka Giuseppe was kind enough to comment on the Micro Aggression reblog I posted. His comment was so thoughtful and well written that I simply want to highlight [it] as a post. Any-one can read his Comments, but I fear they won’t. I think Joe’s summation is worthy and valuable, because he’s lives in all kinds of places, and known all kinds of people, and it’s from a deep well of direct experience . Joe – you are a brilliant writer, when you want to be.

Thank you.

“I still think the White Race is hated for harnessing Electricity and bringing Light into the world, more than anything else. See Cambria Will Not Yield for why we’re hated for the Light in our White Western Christianity.

In the meantime, blacks and other minorities are being lauded to the heavens in the schools, public and private, from…

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STOP Foreign Invaders Illegally Entering Canada From The U.S.A.

Free, unearned Welfare money must be the attraction … because it’s not our weather!

Save our nation and Sign the Petition below!

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Some REAL Truths Behind the “Refugee” Scam for our American readers.


A trickle of unknown, unvetted foreigners eventually becomes a flood of
uninvited, unwanted invaders.

Germany is bracing itself for the further arrival of 400,000 Africans in 2017, all of them without exception—as you can see from the picture below—young, low average 67 IQ, high testesterone, incongruent Black males.