Proof that Redheads are the Most Beautiful People of All


I’m loving this story out of Britain’s leftist, anti-racist Metro News..

It ignores the usual leftist claim that all races are equally attractive to instead promote the idea that redheads are the most beautiful. It illustrates that idea with a photo essay that offers 21 photos of gingers.

Here are 5 of my favorites. Click on the link to see the rest.

Black hair, brown, red, or blonde, the Caucasian race offers enough diversity for any sane person. Throw in eyes that are brown, green, blue, or grey and there’s still more diversity.

Diversity is not to be found in races that offer only brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair.

Evolution was not kind to the darker races. Thanks, evolution.

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One thought on “Proof that Redheads are the Most Beautiful People of All

  1. When I was 16 I dyed my hair to be the red of Jane Asher, Paul Mc Cartney’s girl at the time. That was 53 years ago. At 68 I am still a red, love it, could never be anything else. All of my daughter’s friends … well, 85% at least… have ginger children. I see reds everywhere I turn, but then, my city is still 90% white, most of that 10% being the local Native Canadians.

    We reds are, of course, superior to all you other White folks. Time to make a REDHEAD POWER flag and start marching!

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