The CBC Is Not Your Friend


From: Immigration Watch Canada

Old Logo 1970s

For years, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has given free broadcast time to a large group of predatory immigration lawyers who regularly assault Canada with their Hate Canada propaganda.

In the past few weeks, the CBC has gone completely wild with this practice. Generally, Canadians think of lawyers as the the cesspool of all of the professions. Similarly, Canadians think of immigration lawyers as the concentrated sludge at the bottom of the cesspool. Yet the CBC presents these lawyers as “EXPERTS” on the immigration issue and as the noble defenders of the world’s persecuted. The truth is that the only thing these lawyers are “EXPERTS” in is the manipulation of the law in order to enlarge the size of lawyer bank accounts. The only thing they defend is their profits.

The other truth is that these immigration lawyers have simultaneously worked tirelessly with the sludge in the rest of the immigration lobby to saddle Canadians with the enormous costs (up to $35 BILLION per year) of subsidizing up to 7 million regular immigrants that Canada never needed.

In addition, since the mid-1980’s when the notorious Singh Decision gave many foreigners a status virtually equal to that of Canadians, they have enabled hundreds of thousands of false “refugee” claimants of Chinese, Sri Lankan, Sikh, Muslim and other origin to worm their way into Canada and to parasitize this country. The tragedy for Canada is that a significant number of these people want to re-make Canada into a carbon copy of the economic, cultural and environmental disasters they slithered out of.    >>to FULL ARTICLE



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