Canada “Browns” Out

By John Ibbitson
Globe & Mail

Opponents of Canada’s wide-open immigration policy have good reason to complain.

This country embarked on a massive social experiment in the early 1990s, when the Mulroney government opened the immigration floodgates. That experiment is radically altering the ethnic makeup of the population. Yet that decision was never properly debated. Has the time come for such a debate, or is it too late?

“Canadian” High School in Markham, Ontario (2015)

 Spot the White Students

A report this week from Statistics Canada forecasting the country’s demographic makeup in 2036 suggests it’s too late. The transformation of Canada is already (too) far advanced, and continuing.

By 2036 — the agency predicts — as many as 30 per cent of all residents will not have been born in Canada. Another 20 per cent of the population will be native-born, but with at least one immigrant parent (read: NON-white). Since the vast majority of immigrants come from Asian or Pacific nations, within 20 years Canada will likely be as brown as it is White.

Some old-stock Canadians, as Stephen Harper called them, will resent this. No one asked them, they will say, whether they wanted the European, Christian country they grew up in to be transformed into something so cosmopolitan. They lament the loss of traditional values and social solidarity. Some of them look with envy to the United States, where Donald Trump surfed nativist resentments all the way to the White House.

Lying Press on

Read more>>>By 2036 Immigrants will comprise a growing share of Canada’s population: Statscan

But a “Canadian” Donald Trump – at least one who wins a general election – is unlikely. There is no future courting the angry White vote. There just aren’t enough angry White voters. (Yet! – Ed)  […] >>to full article.

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