Migrants on benefits in Switzerland ‘use money to travel back to nations they’re fleeing’

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A shocking investigation has revealed many asylum seekers are returning to their homeland, despite claiming their lives would be “threatened” if they were forced to return home.
Four out of five Eritreans in Switzerland are claiming state benefits.
The revelation reinforces the growing problem caused by the fact refugees are allowed to leave the country for 21 days a year, but are not obliged to say where they are going.

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2 thoughts on “Migrants on benefits in Switzerland ‘use money to travel back to nations they’re fleeing’

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  1. This racket has been noted for some years now in Australia. After claiming to have been politically persecuted and tortured, and having been granted refugee status in Australia, they return back to their horrible homelands of torture, boasting to their relatives about the good life to be had in Australia. They tell about the generous welfare benefits available to all and sundry without having to work, thus encouraging more of their ilk onto leaky boats. Thankfully that racket was stopped by our last Prime Minister Tony Abbott who is sitting in the wings waiting for his job back from the present usurper.

    1. Quite a pathetic turn of events, is it not?

      Many working-class Australian taxpayers struggle to pay their own travel expenses to cross in-country by air, let alone fly on some exotic overseas trip to a foreign country where many Australians could only dream of setting foot, if they wanted to.

      Who really are the smart people here? Those who have borderline retarded IQs, or those people and their multiple generations of ancestors who built a successful 1st-world nation state and then become hell-bent on giving it all away with nothing in return!?

      My own nation of Canada is in the same dire predicament as Australia. In fact, we’re probably ahead of you in this suicidal mission, as we have further degraded ourselves by appointing a Somali-born, Muslim refugee … as our IMMIGRATION MINISTER!!


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