If You Knew How Powerful You Are


By Mike Walsh

Those who want you to think they are omnipotent, prove their weakness by stomping on dissent. They don’t dread the candle lit by the individual dissident. Their fear is that people will use this flame to light the candles of others … people like you.

The Internet liberates mankind. The Internet has turned individuals into editors; the Internet makes each one of you a publishing house. Your laptop gives you the reach and freedom of expression that a 1970s mainstream media columnist would kill for. Columnists back then … could be controlled by editors. The only person keeping you under control is you.

Your laptop (or desktop personal computer) is the sledgehammer that brings down the “Berlin Wall” of media censorship. Your laptop is your Broadcasting House; it is the unmonitored typewriter in Stalin’s USSR, and the bullhorn in the U.S.


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