Mind Is Like A Parachute – Doesn’t Work Unless It’s Open


Letter to a loved one – for ALL to read.

By Sean M. Madden


We arrived in our hometown in the South East of England this past Monday. We’re both sickened by what it’s like, as we are, increasingly, each year we return. The skies are filled with nothing but aerosols pulsed with microwaved EMF radiation. Further, what used to be a deep-green landscape (our hometown is on the South Downs, a nationally protected area designated as a place of outstanding natural beauty) is now chalky white, 24/7/365.

Why? Because the aerosols sprayed in the skies — which you reject out-of-hand — are glaringly obvious at ground level, literally even in our backyard.

(You are aware that John Brennan, the present director of the CIA, admitted the existence of the geoengineering program in a recent speech at the Council on Foreign Relations?)

Likewise in the most rural parts of

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