Canadians Fooled Again


English: Pierre Trudeau speaking at a fundrais...

Kathleen Moore

Former Canadian prime minister, Pierre Trudeau was conveniently “placed” in office by Lester B. Pearson, whose Soviet activities are mentioned in this link:

I also recently put online a 1971 piece by Alan Stang, and which I feel is extremely credible:

Paul Hellyer, who founded the Canadian Action Party (CAP), was Pearson’s right-hand man, and was also close to Trudeau. It would be naive to think that two Communists like Pearson and Trudeau would entrust Canada’s national security to a man who was not also on their Communist team.

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Lester Pearson a Communist Spy?]

Paul Hellyer is now chasing “aliens” and demanding that we earth people “partner” with aliens to advance technologically. His political party, the CAP, was led for many years by Connie FogalRankin who was hand-picked by Hellyer, and a Communist

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One thought on “Canadians Fooled Again

  1. Paul Hellyer has reasonably good sources, but these sources are a very long way from instructing him to understand the scriptural bottom line to it all. There is no source he can go to accept one, that will provide him the revelation knowledge needed to prepare himself, let along anyone else for what is to come.

    It will never be allowed, for mankind to move out into the stars, without the balance needed in man’s nature, that will cause man to walk more according to the spirit, than to the flesh. All technologies are for the flesh. These and indeed all technologies are but a trinket, a very temporary distraction to mimick what is already given, and many countless orders of magnitude less in value, than to walk in the covenant of the law, and to have the testimony of Jesus as well. This… is but a remnant. It will be the prodigal son Ephraim, and it’s spiritual force that will be the most effective means to save mankind. Scripture tells us, that this saving, is for the elect’s sake. For any that is saved the greatest battle to fight, is not just against the adversary and those of evil intent. It is the self. The ego. For the unsaved, well, those of the world can go either way. Still for the children of darkness… even evil serves the purpose of God. Not all… are meant to be saved.

    Here is a very good example of a source of one capable of explaining a viewpoint useful to Mr. Hellyer, and anyone else as well..

    Another source, although intelligent, is on the wrong side of God. Focus on the word AMERICA. It means… NO MERCY FOR THE SHEEP. . If you do not know who the sheep are… you will need to study yourself to be approved.
    Another view to go along with the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CHANGEOVER.

    The mercy of God has shown itself in having Trump take over, instead of the most demonic woman on the face of the earth and Jezebel… Hitlery Clinton. She would have surely brought global destruction faster than that Obomination and sock puppet for Soros can spend a dime.

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