Canada’s Border Is Securely Fortified


Now, here’s the real deal below … “fortified” with plastic tape!
Canada – USA Border Line
Last month alone, 273 (UNKNOWN FOREIGN) asylum-seekers entered Quebec illegally — by far the highest one-month total for the three years.
No worries, we’re easy!

They come regularly every week,” said retired police officer Francois Doré, who lives near the Roxham Road crossing near Hemmingford ….

“We have excess taxpayers’ money just laying about, so we’re offering foreign invaders FREE welfare money, FREE medicals, FREE apartments … welcome to Canada, eh?”


Doré said the migrants cross the Canadian border easily enough, passing under yellow tape that divides the two countries.

  “Don’t confuse your directions, we welcome you in our country because you have much to offer us.”

“How mean and uncaring those Americans are!  We, Canadians are much nicer people.”

Sometimes you see whole…

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2 thoughts on “Canada’s Border Is Securely Fortified

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    1. It’s the ole’ “carrot and the stick” incentive that keeps them coming into 1st world nations … so to collect all the “free stuff”.

      Imagine what the scenario could be if we simply made it a requirement that absolutely no welfare, no free medical care, nor subsidized housing, nor any tax-funded benefit would be made available to newly-arrived foreigners for a minimum of 7 years, plus having a proven track record of worked-related income for 84 months.

      Except for the the timeline, that’s how it works in their own countries of origin … you either starve or find a job to support yourself on your own initiative.

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