Racist Chinese Attack “Minority” Child


WARNING: The video below gives disturbing evidence of how some CHINESE people treat minority races in China. It shows a young, unattended (8 yr. old?) Eurasian boy (Uyghur minority?) being taunted… then kicked by Chinese adults on a busy, public Chinese street.

But it gets worse! Following that public humiliation, the defenseless boy’s left hand is held to the ground and deliberately crushed by a man’s foot, then viciously dragged a few feet away, to have his other hand ground into the hard surface.

Now holding up both his crushed hands, the boy’s loud screams are totally ignored by the surrounding adults, and not one Chinese spectator (yes, it was a sport to them) steps forward to help this tortured child. Somebody yells in Mandarin to the injured kid “go home white boy”.

Lending full support in this public torture attack, some people…

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