How Bad Is Canada?


Our Women Are Awakening!

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Space ShuttleA product of WHITEengineers. When you can do this, come back and talk to me, says Fred.

… other free speech advocates:

Truth Is Hateful

ANTI-white Brainwashing

Jane Gardener Speaks Her Mind

…PLUS, a message for our American readers in today’s U.S. election:

From a young American woman to Hillary ClintonVOTERS.

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2 thoughts on “How Bad Is Canada?

  1. ‘Cultural equivalence’ it’s called, popular among those who promote ‘multi culturalism’ a misguided leftist notion that we’re all the same and should all respect each other’s belief systems no matter how heinous and horrendous we personally may find them. However, true life is never that ideal, try telling that to the many populations across Africa, India, the Balkans etc who have slaughtered each other since time immemorial.

    1. The “show stoppers” are their words we’re forced to adopt to further their agendas, so changing our language to fit the red-pill realities of what we actually observe with our own eyes, is but one direction that will lead us out of this false construct that we’re forced to endure.

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