Why Islam Is So Dangerous


By Steve Hayes

Islam is dangerous. Here in the West, it seems that most people are incapable of appreciating the seriousness of that threat. It is as though centuries of religious tolerance, secularism and even outright disbelief have rendered many incapable of a true appreciation of the motive power of belief.

I have attempted to address this issue before. But it seems that many cannot understand that when Muslims take to the streets demanding the beheading of all infidels, when suicide bombers murder innocents, when women are stoned to death for being raped that these are not the actions of a few deranged fundamentalists, not some perversion of the religion, but the true and genuine face of Islam. I will therefore in this post simply point out and briefly explain the basic tenets of Islam.

Islam is written down in the Koran. It cannot be changed, up-dated, re-interpreted or…

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“Evalion” Meeting Shut Down


Not that “anti-racists” (antiracism IS antiWhite) or Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are any strangers to violence, but they have become downright hysterical since the (president-elect Donald) Trump Phenomenon.
The Alternative Forum and the Canadian Association for Free Expression (C.A.F.E.) had arranged for a meeting with “Evalion.” The meeting was to be hosted at the offices of YOUR WARD NEWS. “Evalion” is a 19-year-old YouTube videographer.
Active for the past eight months, she has accumulated over 2 million hits on her sassy, opinionated videos. She has taken shots at the so-called holocaust, the ThirdWorldimmigration, and other forbidden subjects.
In early October, Canada’s thought police (Canadian Border Services Agency branch)  held her for over eight hours and stole (uh, “detained”) her laptop, power cord, computer…

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Over-rated “Hate” Crime


By Vanishing American II

‘Hate Crime’ in Canada

A mosque was set afire in Peterborough (Ontario) Canada.

A local Moslem spokesman says it is clearly a ‘hate crime.’

The way the media treat incidents like this … stands in sharp contrast to the way they treat incidents targeting the native populations of Western countries.

If Moslems do something violent, it is downplayed as being unrepresentative of ‘true Islam‘, only the act of a few ‘radical extremists’ or ‘fringe groups‘. Then we are told that we must not judge Islam or Moslems by the violent acts (which are ever more frequent, it seems) but by the supposed ‘peaceful majority‘ of Moslems — who seem rather elusive, to be honest.

Judging by the way the media treat incidents like this mosque fire — in which no people were harmed, by the way — one…

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Planned Destruction of GERMANY & Europe


My roots are from Lithuania, I’m 45 years old, a former blonde, now no hair (chemo?). My grandparents were Germans living in Lithuania, .

[…] In 2014 I came down with leukemia, incurable, am in the final stage and most probably I’m not going to see new years eve 2016.

(Condensed biography by Editor)

By Dr. Austeja Emilija Dominykas

(Condensed English version translated from German –  excerpts only)


My profession is an engineer for tunnel construction, especially gauge pressure/armor/reinforcement facilities. More clearly: constructor for deep bunker sites.

My personal story commences in February 2001, when the BBR (Bundesamt für Bauordnung und Raumwesen, a German office for architectural control and compartment) was calling for tenders on seven locations (designated) for building sites for area safeguarding of the population, in case of mass evacuation. My person as well as six (other) experts (in) that…

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Most Unnecessary Surgery – Circumcision


The Case Against Circumcision

By Paul M. Fleiss, M.D.

Circumcision started in America during the masturbation hysteria of the Victorian Era, when a few American doctors circumcised boys to punish them for masturbating. Victorian doctors knew very well that circumcision denudes, desensitizes, and disables the penis. Nevertheless, they were soon claiming that circumcision cured epilepsy, convulsions, paralysis, elephantiasis, tuberculosis, eczema, bed-wetting, hip-joint disease, fecal incontinence, rectal prolapse, wet dreams, hernia, headaches, nervousness, hysteria, poor eyesight, idiocy, mental retardation, and insanity.

In fact, no procedure in the history of medicine has been claimed to cure and prevent more diseases than circumcision. As late as the 1970s, leading American medical textbooks still advocated routine circumcision as a way to prevent masturbation. The antisexual motivations behind an operation that entails cutting off part of the penis are obvious.

The radical practice of routinely circumcising babies did not begin until the Cold War…

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Ethnic-Vote-Grovelling Politicians


By PaxCanadiana

If annual awards were given out for “Ethnic-Vote- Grovelling Politician of the Year“, B.C. (British Columbia) premier Christy Clark would be a front runner.

(Now that I think about it, I think we should get an award running, and present it to the winner merely as an act of protest, if not disgust. Canada’s largest province (Ontario) and city (Toronto) are in the midst of election campaigns, and promise to produce a bounty of potential nominations this year. The competition could be fierce.)

I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to believe – even those for whom this apology is directed at – that the apology this mediocre woman gave — is sincere (she lost her seat in the last election but was given a second chance by running in a by-election in a “sure-bet” riding).

Christy Clark is…

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Cowardly Canadians


by Val Koinen

I gotta tell you — I just about ‘lost it‘ when I looked at this video (below) sent to my wife by one of her elderly email-obsessed friends (who I affectionately refer to as her old ‘biddie buddies’ — the ones who consistently do more good work by spreading important [and alarming] truths and information about all the terrible things that are constantly happening to our White societies than any of the old men I know … who are too busy playing golf and watching ni***rball on TV).

Every White American should watch this video, sent with the appropriate email heading and notation ‘This is absolutely horrendous.  The handwriting is on the wall!  Coming soon to America… now in Canada!:

Webber Academy located near CALGARY, Alberta

I had a truly visceral reaction to this.  It made me sick to my…

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