“Refugees” – White Man’s Burden


Roy Beck back in 1999 … and, since then NOTHING has changed!

Mike Courtman

I used to be of the opinion the (U.N.) United Nations was a communist organisation, as it’s always telling wealthy western nations how they should “help” the world’s poor, but I’m now wondering if that’s an insult to communists. If the United Nations was primarily a communist organisation that only picked on the rich, then it would pick on all wealthy countries … not just Western (White) countries. However, it doesn’t … it only seems to pick on Western nations.

Flag of United Nations Refugee Agency

Take for example current UN refugee quotas for high income countries. Of the 19 countries which have formal refugees quota’s under UN agreements … all are from Europe, North America and Australasia, with the United States, Canada and Australia taking the lion’s share of refugees. Conversely there are no wealthy Asian,

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