JAPAN Rejects 99.6% of All “Refugees”


Japan Refuses to be Invaded

From The Info Stormer

The Japanese have a proper policy towards these so-called “refugees.”  Of course, most of these individuals aren’t even real “refugees.”  They are parasites invading nations to get free stuff from the host population.

Japanrejected 99% of these “refugee” claims last year.  This has prompted Jewish tears etc.. but so what?  The Japanese don’t want any foreigners coming in and changing their culture.

The Asian people aren’t stupid.  They see what’s happening in Europe, and multiculturalism has been nothing short of a disaster.  Why do the same thing in the name of abstract Jewish promoted concepts like multiculturalism and diversity?  It makes no sense to do so.  >Source

From Global Post:

Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year and rejected almost all applications, officials said Saturday, as rights groups urged the government to allow more…

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