Swedish Reporters Muzzled


You still think we don’t we have a “controlled media”?

For many years,Scandinavians have wondered what kept the Swedish press from reporting the Muslim atrocities that take place every day and that threaten to tear the country apart (also see Norway). The conspiracy that hid the effects of multiculture from public view:

The “Lilla Saltsjöbadavtalet” 1985 as reported by SwedenWatchQuote on March 21, 1987 …a remarkable conference was held at the Saltsjöbaden (the salt water spa) resort near Stockholm.

A set of rules were adopted by the Swedish Journalists Club at the meeting there, rules applies to all journalists working for Swedish media.

These rules are commonly referred to as the “Lilla Saltsjöbadavtalet” (The little salt sea spa agreement). The agreement was supposed to be kept a secret, but as has happened with most of the state manipulated reporting on the multicultural project, the truth has come out…

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