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High School in Markham, Ontario (outside of Toronto)

Thanks for building a safe and beautiful country, Whitey .. but we’ll take over now!

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IRELAND ?Research findings are mixed as to whether small schools produce better educational outcomes than larger ones. While they do allow for more personal attention, they are also associated with professional isolation and curriculum delivery challenges. File photograph: John Moore/Getty Images



Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN



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White Students Demand Equal Rights

Brainwashing University Students

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Altruism Gone Awry


Evalion” is an 18 yr. old independent Canadian researcher who — with youthful ease — fearlessly challenges the status quo in provocative videos that often cause reactionary tones from her indoctrinated, liberal/leftist detractors still mired in dogmatic pursuits. [Read: Preventing free speech]

Armed with researched facts and figures, she tramples over accepted belief systems usually reserved for brainwashed people conditioned not to question “authority“.  “Evalion” was recently banned from Youtube, but her videos are still available on mirror sites … so view them while you still can.

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African “Refugees” – A Threat To Whites

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Becoming Racially Aware


Racial consciousnessorracial awareness is the understanding of the uniqueness of one’s race compared to other races. For example, a racially-conscious person is aware of the physical characteristics, history, culture, traditions of their own race and how those things differ from other races.

Racial consciousness is considered to be good and healthy for Mongoloid, Negroid, and Australoid peoples. BUT, if EuropeanCaucasoids have the temerity to demonstrate similar traits, then pardoxically it’s suggested that Whites harbour a degree of  “racist” tendencies!

Learn more at Lana Lokteff’s website: Read/listen to


It’s A Wonderful Race (Part 1)

I Am NOT Sorry!

Dear White People

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Ottawa Police Hires Under-rated Recruit


By Andre Marin


This week we learned that a newOttawa Police Servicesrecruit was from a Somalibackground.  (Read: BLACKS Less Intelligent?)
Ottawa, Canada’s Capital City

It’s estimated that 85 per cent of Ottawa police members are white. We should be concerned that in Ottawa the police are not the people, which helps explain why tensions are high between visible minorities (NON-whites) and the police, fuelled by a lack in confidence in the authorities.

But the fly in the ointment in accepting a Somali-Canadian — let’s call him Const. John Doe (better yet, “Mohammad” – Editor )  — is that hecomes with “baggage”, according to the report of a civilian investigator who reviewed his background for the Ottawa police.

Let’s look at what the investigator alleged in her report. I’m not too concerned with the 16 speeding convictions, the investigator reported…

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Syrian Foreigners Endangering Canadian Students


Migrant violence uncovered at MORE Canadian schools (Part Two: Southwestern Ontario)


By Faith Goldy

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Calgary’s Syrian schoolyard scandal: (Foreign) migrants throwing fist-sized rocks at their peers, getting physical with the girls, and telling “infidel” teachers that they’d be “better off dead.”

Today, another region: The Thames Valley School Board in southwestern Ontario. New documents obtained from Rebel Media through an Access to Information request show yet another Syrianstudent scandal playing out in our taxpayer-funded schoolyards.

[…] When it comes to schools in southwestern Ontario, the Canadian media has only had good things to say about Syrian migrants enrolled there. For example, the London Free Press paints a rosy picture at Eagle Heights Elementary School, where ten per cent (10%) of the student population is made up of Syrian migrants.


PS: Southwestern Ontario

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Attention: U.S. Voters


IMPORTANT: They are calling this type of problem a voter error, and sometimes a calibration error, but if you look at the screen, the check box vanishes when selected, thus proving the correct box was checked and that this was NOT a calibration error. This is proven vote flipping and there is no way out of it. Sourcehttp://


Donald Trump’s Immigration Plans

Donald Trump From 1980 Onwards

Trump From A EuroCanadian Perspective

Calls For Ban on Muslims Entering U.S.

Straight Talk From Two Cops (CoarseLanguage)

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JAPAN Rejects 99.6% of All “Refugees”


Japan Refuses to be Invaded

From The Info Stormer

The Japanese have a proper policy towards these so-called “refugees.”  Of course, most of these individuals aren’t even real “refugees.”  They are parasites invading nations to get free stuff from the host population.

Japanrejected 99% of these “refugee” claims last year.  This has prompted Jewish tears etc.. but so what?  The Japanese don’t want any foreigners coming in and changing their culture.

The Asian people aren’t stupid.  They see what’s happening in Europe, and multiculturalism has been nothing short of a disaster.  Why do the same thing in the name of abstract Jewish promoted concepts like multiculturalism and diversity?  It makes no sense to do so.  >Source

From Global Post:

Japan accepted only 27 refugees last year and rejected almost all applications, officials said Saturday, as rights groups urged the government to allow more…

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