N***er Word Triggers Maritime Protests in Canada


This story began when Amherst town councilor George Baker, who also sits on the local police commission, apparently engaged in brief argument at a local eatery where the so-called “racist” remark “I’m not your n—-r,” was directed to staff employees in this 98% Whitehomogeneous town (they should be so lucky!!).
Upon realizing his faux pas, Baker immediately apologized. That should have been the end of this non-story, but the “thought police” thought otherwise, so a modern-day witch hunt ensued causing yet anotherMaritime “tempest in a teapot”.
Despite the common usage of the n***er word by Blacks in rap music, Hollywood movies, youtube videos, etc., White people are socially forbidden to utter that tiny word in conversation with other Whites in anger, or in private conversations.
Nevertheless — “theword” that must not be heard — struck a chord among some…

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