U.S. Taxpayer$ Pay & Pay Again


by PhyllisSchlafly

As the details of the Kennedy-Kyl (K-K) amnesty/guest worker bill unfold, it is becoming apparent that the globalists’ plan for the economic integration of North America is not just a figment of the imagination of conspiracy believers, or an “urban legend” as one newspaper called it, or even just a pipe dream of far-out world federalists. The K-K bill will accomplish economic integration by legalizing 20 million (20,000,000 illegal) aliens immediately and inviting tens of millions more (relatives of the amnestied plus guest workers) to enter legally in the coming years.Not only does the K-K bill call for integrating millions of poor, uneducated Mexicans into the U.S. economy and giving them and all their distant relatives extraordinarily generous handouts of social benefits, it even calls for U.S. foreign aid to Mexicans still living south of the border.

The 600+-page K-K bill fails to mention its biggest effect:…

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