False Arguments Given For Population Growth


From: Immigration Watch Canada

(1) “We need immigration to support our aging population.”


Health and Welfare Canada researched this question in the late 1980’s. Some believed that higher immigration levels could reduce Canada’s average age. However, the work done by 200 university researchers from across Canada concluded that raising immigration levels to as high as 600,000 per year would NOT reduce the average age of Canadians. The researchers stated that measures such as making better use of Canada’s female work force, and employing Canada’s 45+ year old unemployed males were statistically and culturally (also morally) superior to raising immigration numbers.

(2) “We have a declining population.”


We don’t have a declining population. We do have a low birthrate, but the Baby Boom Echo is still being felt in Canada. Part of our population increase every year is still the result of…

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