Media Discrimination Against Ethnic Europeans


Mike Walsh

Wherever I travelled in the world and picked up a newspaper or periodical, I was in no doubt that I was in their country. Not once did I get an impression of anti-European prejudice. Whether I was in Nigeria or Buenos Aires, the Far East or Iran, there was tangible and positive priority media coverage given to matters of (their) national interest.

This is not the case in the West where media treats ethnic Europeans as second-class citizens.

Media emphasis and sentiment is strikingly anti-White. I now have first-hand experience of what it was like to be a kâfir in apartheid South Africa. Western media (MSM) pivots on “positive discrimination”, a euphemism for treating ethnic Europeans with contempt. This impression is common wherever Western mainstream media contaminates and pollutes. Media bias is heavily slanted in favour of non-Europeans; blatant unfairness is directed against ethnic

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