Poland blames Jews for the crimes of Communism

About Communism in Europe

FROM ADAM LEBOR in Warsaw – Sunday 10 January 1999 (independent.co.uk)
THE FRONTLINES are being drawn in eastern Europe’s latest conflict. This is a battle not over territory or borders, but for control of something more intangible and, for the continent’s political health, more important: memory and historical justice.

This year marks 10 years since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, which triggered the end of the Soviet bloc and, ultimately, the Soviet Union itself. A decade after those first slabs of masonry came crashing down, the noise reverberates still across the lands where the Red Star of Russia once ruled unchallenged.

For nations, like people, suffer from the traumas that twist and shape their psyche: traumas of war and occupation, resistance and collaboration with dictatorships, Nazi or Soviet.

It is perhaps difficult for citizens of Britain, a country that has not been occupied for centuries, to imagine the mental…

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