QUEBEC Leading The Way


From: Immigration Watch Canada

Quebec Should Really Be Saying, “We Are Full.”

English: Québec Province within Canada. Españo...Québec Province in Canada.

Let’s be frank : Quebec’sCharter of Values is a reaction to unnecessary immigration.

The problem is that the Charter is a round-about way of getting at this issue. Quebec should have been much more direct. It should have taken the political initiative for all of Canada and said, “We are full.” , meaning “We have gone far beyond Quebec’s and Canada’s cultural saturation point. We have far too many minority groups, and we are tired of their demands.”

[Read: Herouxville, Quebec Enters Immigration Debate]

There are other good reasons to say that Quebec is “full”, but that is a starter.

If polls on the public’s views are to be given weight, the majority of Quebec’s population supports the Charter. Close to half of the rest of Canada does too. Meanwhile…

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