War of Racial Survival


By Val Koinen

The hour is late, time is running out, and we are in dire straits.

This is NO laughing matter!

WHITE people today are involved in a war of racial survival, but most don’t even know about it, nor do they understand it.

Many of those — who have had it brought to their attention — have stubbornly persisted in a state of blissful ignorance or have retreated into a state of denial.  And that is why our people, as a subspecies of humanity, have almost lost that war without hardly “firing a shot” in our defense.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE PEOPLE on Earth? ANSWER.]

By “we” and “our people”, I mean WhiteAmericans of European descent in particular; although this tragic and ever deteriorating state of affairs really applies to all White people in almost all the

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