What Is A Social Justice Warrior?


“Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) operating under the influence of cultural Marxism are noted for arbitrarily assigning “victimstatus” to various classes of people usually based on their gender, race/colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, “refugees” or whatever other flavour of the month they deem sacrosanct.

White people (Caucasians) — especially heterosexual White menin Western society fall under a class of their very own — “White privileged oppressors“. You know the type … the people who are world renown for great advances in technology, medicine, science and a whole host of other inventions — too many to mention here — that have benefited the world.

Space Shuttle

Fred Reed says: “A product of WHITE engineers. When you can do this, come back and talk to me”.

In their deluded quest to make all things “equal” and “inclusionary” in an unequal, real natural world … Social Justice…

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